LOL!!! Timing Is Everything! Alarmists Worried About Penguins Because Of Melting Sea Ice!!!


You really have to love the obliviousness of our climate scientists and journalists.  Why, it’s almost as if they just make stuff up!!!

First, let’s read a shocking story about the near eminent demise of our poor, poor emperor penguins.  This is from the UK’s Independent

Over half of emperor penguins will be ‘wiped out by end of the century’ due to melting sea ice

Global warming is melting sea ice so fast that more than half of Antarctica’s population of Emperor penguins are set to be wiped out by the end of the century, according to alarming new research saying they should be listed as an endangered species.

Not a single one of Antarctica’s 45 known colonies of Emperor penguins will be immune to melting sea ice, with at least two-thirds likely to see their populations decline by more than half, the report warns.

“If sea ice declines at rates projected by the climate models and continues to influence Emperor penguins as it did in the second half of the  20th century in Terre Adelie, none of the colonies, even the southern-most locations in the Ross Sea, will provide a viable refuge by the end of the 21st Century,” warned lead author Dr Stephanie Jenouvrier.

She called for the Emperor to be given “endangered species” status to help reduce the damage climate change is inflicting upon them.

Shocking stuff!!!  The only problem is …. well, we’ll let Twitchy quote Bastardi ….

Bastardi: ‘No end to excuses’ as Antarctic sea ice breaks all time record

Yep, the Antarctic has broken another record for measured sea ice.  I’ll put up a couple of graphs to demonstrate how long the Antarctic sea ice has been gaining.  Here, I used a 365 day moving average.


For those who like anomalies, I’ll give you this.


I’m seeing hockey sticks!!!!

It’s like they’re not even trying any more.  They just babble hyperbole with no basis, at all. 

Source for the graphs

h/t Kim And Dirk

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5 Responses to LOL!!! Timing Is Everything! Alarmists Worried About Penguins Because Of Melting Sea Ice!!!

  1. Dave N says:

    You highlighted the problem:

    “If sea ice declines at rates projected by the climate models..”

    “They just babble hyperbole with no basis, at all.”

    It’s just utterly disconnected from reality.

  2. tom0mason says:

    So we’re back to prostituting cute looking animal to the sheeple in order to justify stealing more tax.
    Well let me tell you something new. What’s the next poster animal for the scam?
    Out with the penguins.
    Too many Polar bears.
    The next star for CAGW taxathon is Snow leopards. Yep, mark this page because you saw it here first.
    Why? you ask. Well there’s this –
    And where the BBC goes the rest of the MSM will gladly follow.
    But also there is this –
    (Bonus question – Hands up all those who knew that Snow leopards had there own web-site? )
    The researchers are avid WWF/GreenPeas so expect lots of heart-rending pictures of cute leopards in difficulty, and that difficulty will be assigned to CAGW, and thus you and your hateful industrial ways.
    Yep, the happy green adventurers are going to Kyrgyzstan this year. Their pockets and bags bulging with Snowleopard camera traps to ensure that they get lots of pictures to sell research.

  3. David a says:

    Yes, and the Obama administration knows there is no it’s scandal anywhere.
    They simply make it up, state it with confidence, and flash a smug smile.

  4. philjourdan says:

    Apparently William Connolley is falling down on the job. According to Wikipedia, the NORMAL life span of the Penguin is about 20 years (with a maximum of 50 years). So these clowns are dead wrong. 100% of the existing population will be gone by the turn of the century. However that says nothing as to how many will be living at that time.

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