Mexico Commits Another Act Of War Against The US!!!!! Zero Says Nothing!!!!


Well, what are you going to do about it, Zero?  Oh, right, nothing.  You worm!!!!!

Mexican Military Helicopter Flies Into U.S., Shoots at Border Patrol Agents, Flies Back

According to a local news report from KVOA News 4 out of Tucson, Arizona, at least one Mexican military helicopter crossed into the United States early Thursday morning, shot at Border Patrol agents using lethal force and then flew back to Mexico. Once the helicopter was back on the ground in Mexico, an apology was issued.

“The incident occurred after midnight and before 6 a.m. Helicopter flew into the U.S. and fired on two U.S. Border Patrol agents. The incident occurred west of the San Miguel Gate on the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation,” Border Patrol Tucson Sector Union President Art del Cueto told KVOA News 4 in a statement. “The agents were unharmed. The helicopter went back into Mexico. Mexico then contacted U.S. authorities and apologized for the incident.”

U.S. Border Patrol Spokesperson Andy Adame issued a similar statement and said the incident is under investigation.

According to a recent story in the Washington Times, armed Mexican soldiers regularly cross over into the United States, which prompt stand offs and altercations with U.S. Border Patrol agents.

According to Homeland Security numbers, there have been 300 incursions by Mexican police or troops since Jan. 1, 2004. The Mexicans were armed in slightly more than half of those incidents, totaling 525 people. There was a verbal or physical altercation between U.S. authorities and the Mexicans in 81 instances — totaling 320 Mexican police or troops.

Despite those regular occurences, the use of force in this case against U.S. Border Patrol agents is highly concerning. An immediate explanation is in order from the Mexican government.

Meanwhile, Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is still rotting in a Mexican jail.

You know, after 81 instances, the “apologies” seem pretty hollow. 

Here’s the appropriate answer, for now. 

Go get that boy rotting in that Mexican jail.  Use our special forces to simply do it.  And, then, say, … “sorry, we thought we left a real nation the last time we kicked your asses.  Don’t make us come over there and do it, again!  Bitches!”

Clearly, if an armed aircraft can come over our airspace and attack our law enforcement agents, we are not protecting our borders.  And, clearly, many people who are our neighbors to our south have some animosity and hostility towards the US. 

These are acts of war, and must not be tolerated.  Sorry doesn’t cut it.  Fix it, or we’ll fix it.  ….. yes, we’ll have to wait until the spineless worm posing as a president has to go away, but, we’ll fix it.   

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5 Responses to Mexico Commits Another Act Of War Against The US!!!!! Zero Says Nothing!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    The agents were unharmed….

    Well ok, if you’re a bad shot….there’s a Hallmark card for that

  2. Lo que México no tiene aviones no tripulados pero

  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    Acts of civil war, basically.

  4. philjourdan says:

    It is alleged that a Cartel bribed the pilots.

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