Zero Wants Us To Be Like France!!!!! Circling The Drain!!!


Good heavens!!!!!  Is he a complete moron or does he believe you’re a complete moron?

The other day Zero babbled some more stupidity. 

President Obama held up France as the gold standard the U.S. workplace should emulate during an event at the White House on Monday.

Extolling the business virtues of helping workers balance family and employment demands, including providing paid time off for the birth of a child, Obama said that if France can provide the benefits, so can the United States.

“Other countries know how to do this,” Obama said. “If France can figure this out, we can figure it out.”

France provides some of the most far-reaching worker rights in the developed world, including limiting a standard work week at 35 hours and providing 16 weeks of paid maternity leave.

Yeh ….. sure…. France figured something out …. uhmm….. especially the workplace.

This demonstrates the complete detachment from reality the leftards possess.  France hasn’t figured anything out!!!!  They’re circling the drain!  Their debt and deficit is too high, as is their unemployed people!  They’re rocking in at 10.1 percent unemployed and their GDP can’t seem to get over their 2009 GDP!!!!  That’s to say France has been in a recession for about 5 years now!!!


Assuming all things the same …. population, supply, and demand, the natural tendency is to have a GDP growth.  I may expound on that later.  

If France had to be a nation standing on their own, fiscally, they would have bankrupted years ago.  But, they suckered a bunch of nations to belong to a failing club to prolong their existence.  Their model is a failure.  Zero wants us to be just like they are. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the French, it’s just that they’re in a lot of trouble at the moment.  Fiscally and socially, they have a lot of problems.  These are people who’s policies we do not want to emulate.  …… but, we are.


h/t Kim

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24 Responses to Zero Wants Us To Be Like France!!!!! Circling The Drain!!!

  1. tom0mason says:

    And O would enjoy you paying the high prices for the basics of life + their sale tax.
    Just enjoy their prices –

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I go with Bart’s synopsis – cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

    And Obama wants fries with that.

  3. DirkH says:

    I misplaced a comment about France here:
    Should have gone here! 😉

  4. philjourdan says:

    Again with the incompetency. Obama does not even know what an example of success is.

  5. DirkH says:

    As it turns out, the introduction of Obamacare totally immolated Q1 GDP :
    Revised down to -2.9% now. (Remember they started with +1%)
    Expecting the same circus number with GDP Q2…

  6. Ben Vorlich says:

    France is a great country in the sense that it has a reasonable climate and has quiet roads, having spent a lifetime dealing with congestion on UK roads the latter is a huge plus. The people in La France profonde are traditional country people, if you speak their language they are happy to help you, it takes a bit longer to become a fully fleged member of the community.

    Where France is hamstrung is paying for the fonctionnaires and social security system. The whole tax and bureaucracy round employment is a nightmare. They have levels of direct taxation which make your eyes water, to such an extent the enterprise and entrepreneurship don’t exist. With a President who is pro-renewable and anti fracking the country is pretty much on its knees.

  7. Jason Calley says:

    Obama is neither an idiot, nor incompetent. If he were, he would sometimes choose an ethical response, just by accident.

    Pardon one politically incorrect word in the video below:

  8. squid2112 says:

    I work for a very large, multi-national electrical company (energy products) that began in 1839 out of France. Our corporation is based in France, and we are essentially a French company (I work in the United States). We have operations in almost every country of the world.

    With that said, I can tell you unequivocally, France IS NOT a country to emulate. I work with these people on a daily basis. You can tell how they operate, you can tell by what they tell you about their own country. You do NOT, I repeat, you do NOT want to be like them! … They would much rather be like us (pre-Obama)!

    France is a complete and utter disaster. And James, as you have pointed out, if it were not for the EU and bailouts and a whole host of other prop-up measures, the French would have collapsed long ago, but alas, the inevitable is just around the corner. There is no way France can sustain their current path. Everyone I work with that lives in France will tell you this. And I am not talking about your average, every day, dumbass on the street. I mean people that are engineers and physicists with high IQ’s and the ability to process thought, they will tell you, don’t do what we are doing, we are going to collapse.

    I find it extremely remarkable and boneheaded that Obama, the dipshit in chief, would actually have the gonads to use France as a model. What a pathetic excuse for a president we have.

    • squid2112 says:

      Don’t get me wrong, our company is a GREAT Company. It really is. To date, it is probably the best company I have ever worked for and I hope that my career here continues for a very long time. The people are awesome. The company vision is awesome. The company benefits are awesome. They truly care about their employees and they show it every day. We manufacture some of the best products in our industry. They are the most responsible company I have ever encountered as well.

      But their Country sux! .. And most of them (people in France) will agree.

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