Ice Melt Of 15 YEARS Of Global Warming Demonstrated!!!!



I like doing sea ice graphs at this particular point in time of the year, as well as the opposite times of the year.  Why?  Because of the solstices.  People may note the graph is slightly biased …. sort of.  But, I do this to illustrate one of the things I harp on.  Albedo and the greater significance of the Southern Hemisphere’s ice. 

Yesterday was June 21, which is when we receive the most sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere, and the least in the S.H.  In all, it’s balanced.  When we hit our equinoxes, we’ll have the same in the north as the south, going in different directions. 

The lunatics bemoaned the slight loss of sea ice in the north, and said this will make global warming much worse, because ice reflects the sunlight back out to space. 

As the graph clearly demonstrates, whatever the ice loss in the north was, it was near equally gained in the south.  This means, given that total time the global ice receives sunlight is the same, we’ve not lost any albedo.  None.  Nada, zilch.

I would remind readers this is one of the tenants of the global warming alarmism.  It’s long been known the additional CO2 can’t possibly cause the planet to heat with any significance, so, they had to invent some dire cascading effect which would supposedly compound the imaginary warming.  It simply hasn’t happened.  Indeed, if one shortens the time frame just a bit, we see the global sea ice going the other way.

Here’s the last nine years with the bias being higher for the past ….  in other words, if the sine wave is otherwise equal, the graph would show a decline because of the start date.


Now, if the lunatics were correct, to begin with, we should all panic because of the impending ice age.  Clearly, we’re reflecting more light out into space than we were, so the earth will get colder, and we’ll all be iced over in no time.  Right?

Source for graphs

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19 Responses to Ice Melt Of 15 YEARS Of Global Warming Demonstrated!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    you know…….because it’s ice out on water….I don’t think most people realize where 60 south latitude is
    If it was 60 north latitude….
    It would cover half of Canada, half of Russia….all of Alaska, all of Sweden, Norway, and Finland…

    …..permanently covered in ice and snow…..year round

  2. tomwys says:

    The “flatline” in global atmospheric temperature has been well documented, and the “albedo switch” between 80% absorbing ocean to 70% reflecting sea-ice covering over a million sq/km most certainly contributes!!! You hopefully realize that sunlight reflected from snow/ice does NOT get intercepted and re-radiated by Greenhouse gasses, but pierces through to space and leaves the Earth. Guess how the planet’s energy balance is affected!!!

    • DirkH says:

      Tom; Oceans absorb shortwave very well IF THE SUNLIGHT ENTERS PERPENDICULAR to the surface.

      I leave it to you to find the exact incidence dependent reflection figures… Hint; there’s not much absorbance taking place near the poles… even if there’s open ocean. We’ll ignore clouds which make it even more pointless…

      • tomwys says:

        Sorry to disappoint you, but oceans absorb sunlight at all angles, which is why they don’t become lighter in color near the horizon as you fly over them. A fish swimming under the water sees the setting sun still well above the “horizon,” as refraction assures that even low angle sunlight enters the water.

        Similarly, snow and ice reflect sunlight at all angles, so there is no attenuation (that would be visible to you as “greying”) at far distances from your viewpoint. The reflection is at all wavelengths equally, which is why snow and ice appear white, as a demonstration of pure color mixing.

        Ignoring clouds just means you don’t want the complete picture!

        • DirkH says:

          “Sorry to disappoint you, but oceans absorb sunlight at all angles, which is why they don’t become lighter in color near the horizon as you fly over them.”

          Somehow this tells me you’ve never been over open water. Riddle me this:

          “Ignoring clouds just means you don’t want the complete picture!”

          Well I wanted to make it easier for you, but here goes. A cloud covered polar area doesn’t care whether it’s iced over or not as the clouds will reflect most of the shortwave back to space regardless, making the difference between ice and no ice even more of a wash.

          So there.

        • Anything is possible says:

          The albedo of open water increases rapidly when the Sun’s altitude is less than 20 degrees, which is most of the time in the Arctic.

          See figure 4 here :

          Click to access majala9.pdf

  3. tomwys says:

    The neat Turtle picture just demonstrates why oceanic heat is easily retained. Next time you go scuba diving, look straight up. ALL of the light from above is concentrated in the circle you see (and the 80% which the ocean absorbs) is bounded by the mirror effect your turtle demonstrates.

    Around Antarctica, the “Ice Doughnut” surrounding the continent begins at 60 degrees, well within the 90% oceanic absorption envelope.

  4. philjourdan says:

    A claim made to promote AGW is that all previous warm periods were asymmetrical – not occurring at the exact same time in both hemispheres. Antarctica kind of shows this one is also asymmetrical.

    • tomwys says:

      Unlikely, Phil! The southern albedo gain is well documented (each month we break the prior record), and the opening Arctic has the “fringe benefit” of laying down early albedo on the fringes of the Arctic, which cools things enough so that Asia gets to break albedo records too, and not only at high latitudes.

      • DirkH says:

        Convoluted thinking. CO2AGW develops epicycles.

      • philjourdan says:

        I think we are talking at cross purposes. My contention is that most of the alleged warming has been in the NH. With little or no warming in the SH. That is born out even with this episode where the alarmist numbers claim the NH has warmed by a couple of degrees, but the southern has remained essentially flat.

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