Breaking!!!! Crack Team Of Climate Scientists Discover UHI!!!!!


I thought this funny. 

Air conditioning raising night-time temperatures in the US

Fascinating!!!!  Who knew???  I mean, who other than any rational thinker in the world?

Researchers in the US have identified a way in which city-dwellers are inadvertently stoking up the heat of the night – by installing air conditioners.
Because the cities are getting hotter as the climate changes, residents are increasingly investing in aircon systems − which discharge heat from offices and apartment blocks straight into the city air. And the vicious circle effect is that cities get still warmer, making air conditioning all the more attractive to residents.
According to scientists at Arizona State University, the air conditioning system is now having a measurable effect. During the days, the systems emit waste heat, but because the days are hot anyway, the difference is negligible. At night, heat from air conditioning systems now raises some urban temperatures by more than 1C, they report in the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres.

Weird, right?  I wonder if this could cause warming in the surrounding country side?

To cap this, cities are inevitably hotspots – and it’s not just because of global warming. The concentration of traffic, commuter systems, street and indoor lighting, central heating, light industry, tarmac, tiles, bricks, building activity and millions of people can raise temperatures as much as 5C above the surrounding countryside.

Maybe this AC thing is just a fad …..

At present, 87% of US households have air conditioning, and the US – which is not one of the warmer nations – uses more electricity to keep cool than all the other countries of the world combined. To keep the people of Phoenix cool during periods of extreme heat, air conditioning systems can consume more than half of total electricity needs, which puts a strain on power grids.

Right.  What a dumbass.  True, the US as a whole isn’t one of the warmer nations.  Arizona, OTOH, is pretty much a hot desert. 

I wonder how much of a strain it would put on our grids if we didn’t suppress our energy sources. 

I wonder if there’s a message in all of this?

But, worldwide, normally warm countries are experiencing increasing extremes of heat, and conditions in cities have on occasion become lethal.

Oh, yes, I see.  Americans should feel guilty about our ability to cool ourselves, and shouldn’t use ACs and die in the heat like other places do, right? 

Well, this is progress.  Of course, I have no illusions that the nutters would finally put two and two together and understand that the UHI (urban heat island) effect is about the only real data input which causes the temperature data sets to appear like they’re rising. 

Warmists used to claim this doesn’t do much to the data.  Then, they decided to “adjust” their data in an attempt to compensate for it.  Any real examination of the “adjustments” though, show them to be woefully inadequate.  The last examination was from that family of scientists which recently started producing documents on climate.  But, I can’t seem to find the link to them or the docs.  

Doesn’t matter, but, the last one I read on the “adjustments” seemed pretty good. But, anyone can Google for more of the history of UHI and the differing opinions of how it effects our temperature data.  Dr. Spencer comes to mind as a good start.  Here’s a post he had at WUWT with links to other posts, and from there you can search.

Climate science is typically a good 6-10 years behind climate skeptic blogs.

Air conditioners cause heat in the cities ….. who knew?   

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26 Responses to Breaking!!!! Crack Team Of Climate Scientists Discover UHI!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    so much to say, so little time…..

    Climate scientists told us that global warming was affecting temperatures at night.

    It’s a lot more than 5 degrees……we are consistently 10-15 degrees cooler than Miami, day and night.

    ..didn’t they adjust up for UHI??

  2. philjourdan says:

    Next revelation – absorbs more heat then dirt.

  3. kim2ooo says:

    I won’t give them an credence UNTIL they find the missing heat. 🙂

  4. why the Skeptics don’t install thermometers for monitoring, 10 miles away from the big cities? because those SAME thermometers that are on the airports are representing the temp far away from the city; to prove that: away from the city the temp fluctuates differently… being represented by airport thermometer is a con job

    • DirkH says:

      What use would that be? It is not about availability of data. It is about a medial-political-scientific brainwashing complex that wants to keep its money and power and suppress data and opinions.

      • Dirk, when are real evidences that can be proven NOW – Warmist do take notice – AND gives them big insomnia.

        If you ask: which thermometer represents your area, because you want to buy a thermometer and double check – they become very nervous… – if for every area, for every monitoring place the Skeptics have 3-5 thermometers = their data disproved completely

        • DirkH says:

          “If you ask: which thermometer represents your area, because you want to buy a thermometer and double check – they become very nervous…”

          They win against you by ignoring you, steamrolling over you, not ever giving you media access, all the tricks in the book – but mostly, by just continuing stealing your money. THEY JUST DONT CARE! THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC DEBATE! IT’S A TRAIN ROBBERY; THat’s what it is!

      • DirkH says ”They win against you by ignoring you, steamrolling over you, not ever giving you media access”

        Dirk, when the ”Skeptics” present their ”GLOBAL” temp charts, for the last 2000years or more – everything with ”precision” to one hundredth of a degree (”FUTURE” thermometer is not even calibrated to hundredth of a degree)… no grown up person would take them seriously… Most of the Skeptics and all the Warmist are competing who is going to tell more and bigger lies – the media follows the circus…

        Unless the ”Skeptics” clean up the skeletons from their own closed – media goes / folows for the winners…

  5. kelly liddle says:

    Now that my taxi has a thermometer somewhere showing the outside temperature it is quite noticeable that the temps in the inner city area are a couple of degrees celcius warmer on a cool night. It is also quite noticeable that driving only say 5 km (about 3 miles) the temperature can vary by about 3 degrees celcius if there are hills in the area.

    • philjourdan says:

      I have had similar experiences, but in very different locales. I noticed that the temperature would drop about 4 degrees once we crossed the Canal in Imperial valley. After some research, I determined that the agriculture in the irrigated parts of the valley (between the Canals) caused an increase in evaporation (plants have a habit of doing that – especially non-desert plants) which cooled the area by a few degrees.

      Now the difference between 108 and 104 is not going to be called a major cool down. But it was noticeable with the car thermometer.

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