The People In The War Torn Area The US Should Have Been Supporting From The Onset —- The Kurds


So, Fox has this story up ….

Kurds, outgunned by fanatical ISIS, hope looming Baghdad battle buys time for weapons upgrade

It’s a short and interesting read. 

The Kurds are a different group of people with a special history of their own.  Why the US has never reached out to them in a proper manner is beyond me. 

One of the things I like the best about the Kurds is that no one in the area likes them.  They don’t get along with anyone.  It seems like they’re always battling someone.  Their enemies are our enemies.  They are battle tested and demonstrated their metal.  No one has been able to displace them.  Turks, Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians …. no one. 

It was only a few months ago team Zero wanted to arm the side ISIS was fighting on, in the Syrian (un)civil war.  If we wanted a permanent pain in the region, and didn’t want to back one group of crazies over another group of crazies, then it would seem sensible to me to simply arm and support the Kurds.  But, for decades, we’ve essentially ignored these people.  Sure, from time to time, we’ve given them very limited support.  Why?

Yes, the Soviets did try with them.  But, the Kurds are a diverse group of people.  Yes, most of them are technically a sort of Sunni, but, “Compared to the unbeliever, the Kurd is a Muslim”.  AFAIK, the Kurds are a very tolerant group when it comes to religious beliefs. 

So, why don’t we back them?  Why don’t we arm them?  What’s the worst that can happen?  An indigenous group have their own nation?  

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16 Responses to The People In The War Torn Area The US Should Have Been Supporting From The Onset —- The Kurds

  1. DirkH says:

    “The Kurds are a different group of people with a special history of their own. Why the US has never reached out to them in a proper manner is beyond me. ”

    Kurds helped Atatürk win the power; got a promise they would get an independent state in the East of Turkey in return. Atatürk broke the promise.
    Turkey became a NATO member; no Turkish government ever thought of the old promise to the Kurds. Kurdistan has Oil… Reaching out to the Kurds would have meant losing Turkey as NATO member.
    Official National Turk (Atatürk) doktrin is: There are only Turks in Turkey. “National Turks” say this to this day even though it was never true. Complete assimilation of all minorities was the goal of the Turkish project since Atatürk; including prohibiting them from speaking their language.

    USA was glad they had a sort of monolithic country there in the East, and never cared for the suppression of minorities and the glossing over of the fissures.

    The Atatürk doktrin BTW is out the window with Erdogan who wants to turn Turkey into an islamic state. Atatürk was a modernizer and wanted nothing to do with Islam.

    Kurdish resistance movement PKK defines itself as socialist. I can understand the need of having some sort of revolutionary struggle, but as usual, should the Kurds actually ever get their own state chances are it becomes like Nicaragua under the Sandinista or something… or Chavez’ Venezuela. The PKK guys romanticize Castro’s Kuba as well…

    • DirkH says:

      Religion: Kurds got islamized starting from the 9th century or so. before that they were Yezidi, a Zoroastrian monotheistic offspring with animist elements, that’s how I would describe it.
      Key entity in the religion is Taus-i-Melek, the “Peacock Angel”. Some of the Kurds still are Yezidi. There were massacres during the Ottoman empire though, analogous to the Armenian and Greek genocide; and many Yezidi Kurds have fled to Armenia, where they live as tolerated minority. Most Kurds are Sunni, maybe 90%. Some have converted to Christianity, at least here in Germany. Northern Germany has many Kurds amongst our Turkish population. Well never call a Kurd a Turk or apologize quickly if you accidentally do.

      For the Turks, Kurds are terrorists; for the Kurds, Turks are oppressors, and the animosity lives forth here in Germany when they meet – of course the groups mostly stick to themselves.

      Due to the persecution in Turkey, Yezidi usually never show their religious conviction. It’s a religion that doesn’t prosetylize; it is inherited. So they try to make sure they marry amongst each other.

    • suyts says:

      Culturally, I don’t think Kurds would abide by actually becoming socialists.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The Kurds have always been outgunned by everyone, which is why they have no illusions and excellent generals. Any ISIS pussy who tries something with them will be blown away.

    And the Kurds aren’t going away:

    Kurdistan Exists: What Now?

    • suyts says:

      And the Kurds aren’t going away
      Exactly. What if the lunatics in that region suddenly had to deal with an armed and supplied Kurdish population? I would think the lunatics would suddenly become much more preoccupied with survival than anything else.

  3. Latitude says:

    Why the US has never reached out to them…because of Turkey/NATO and they would have a royal cow

  4. philjourdan says:

    Even Turkey is backing them in Iraq. But only as a buffer from the al qaeda cretins. However, Obama will do nothing. But the Turks will. They would not be averse to a Kurdish nation on their border and will promote it.

  5. Turkish government will never permit US to support a Kurdish state! the Turks are a NATO country – NATO is the most hypocritical organisation / bully

    • Me says:

      Well, with the LSM and from what we’ve seen so far??? No shit! But Turkey doesn’t tell NATO what to do, and neither does Canada.

      • Me, if Turkey didn’t influence the Americans – Kurdistan would have being liberated when George Bush senior went into Iraq the first time – those people have being fighting for many decades before, against Saddam – if not, George junior would have let them free – if more than half of Kurdistan wasn’t in Turkey…

        nevertheless, the Turks are Sunni Muslims, so is Obama – don’t complain and follow your leader!

  6. DirkH says:

    Good comment by James Rickards.
    He thinks the Saudis are behind the ISIS offensive, not Langley. Basis for the Petrodollar alliance was protection of the house of Saud; détente with Iran by the US ends the alliance.
    So Sunni Saudis now sponsor ISIS to go into Shiite territory in Iraq; bringing about the war Sunni vs Shia.
    Oh, and the Petrodollar is blue in the face. Wait for Saudi making deals with China.

    And here’s a German interview of a Turkish writer Ali Bulaç, proponent of “political Islam” ( aka Erdogan’s movement ). He says, Saudi-sponsored ISIS has already established a movement in Southern Turkey; Erdogan has lost friendship of the Saudis, his dreams of a neo-caliphate are squashed; Erdogan lost the war in Syria as he underestimated the sympathy of the population for Assad.

    So – it looks like Saudi is now moving its terrorist/guerilla muscle to establish its own puppet regime in Greater Syria (an area that is traditionally Sunni and has nothing to do with current borders ) – independent of Langley!

  7. play nice says:

    remember, where ever there are Kurds, there is a way

  8. DirkH says:

    Re Kurds:
    They used the Sunni ISIS vs Shia govt turmoil in Mosul et al to conquer Kirkuk.
    And outrule giving it back EVER.
    The city is majority Kurd but not part of their autonomous region. Now it is de facto.
    German article
    links to this from German state media

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