Oh Noes!!!! Alarmists Recycling Alarmism!!! Ski Industry To Die Because Of Snow Melt!!!! ….. Again, And, Again, And, Again!!!


Well, no, not really. 

Once again, the alarmists are trying to use their stupidity to prey upon the ignorance of the people. 

It is true there are seasonal changes occurring.  Our snow line is receding in the Spring, but, growing in the Autumn.  I’m pretty sure the ski industry can survive opening a little earlier and closing a little earlier to keep up with our ever changing world. 

I see this at HuffPo …..

Climate Change Threatens Tourism Industry As Ski Slopes Thaw, Seas Rise

It’s another blithering blast of stupidity and hyperbole from the usual suspects. 

By Alister Doyle
OSLO, June 17 (Reuters) – Climate change is a growing threat to tourism, from thawing ski resorts to coral reefs hit by warmer seas, and the industry itself should do more to curb its soaring greenhouse gas emissions, a study showed on Tuesday.
Tourism’s greenhouse gas emissions, on current rising trends buoyed by ever more travel, are set to reach about 10 percent of the world total by 2025 from between 3.9 and 6 percent now, it said.
“The tourism industry will be severely impacted by climate change,” according to the study by Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and its Judge Business School and the European Climate Foundation.
Coral reefs, for instance, contributed $11.5 billion a year to tourism earnings and are under threat from warmer sea temperatures, rising sea levels and an acidification caused by a build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it said.
And warmer winters are shortening winter sports seasons and threatening the viability of some ski resorts, according to the report which distils findings about tourism from studies this year by the U.N. panel of climate scientists.
Ski resorts can try to adapt by attracting summer hikers, for instance, or buy more snow making machines. “But it is hard to tell a positive story around ski resorts,” Eliot Whittington, climate change director at CISL, told Reuters. …..

Wow, you’d think an expert in climate change would know some stuff he ought to know if he’s going to spew jibberish at the public. 

First of all, our winters are not shortening winter sports seasons.  It’s simply a mythology, and a poor one, at that.  Let’s look at our winter snow extent over the last few decades. ….

Graphs are in square kilometers.


Yes, I know this isn’t exactly according to our solstices, but, this is Dec, Jan, and Feb, since 1972.  As we can clearly see, our winter snow is not decreasing.  I would remind people, this is the snow on the ground which we are measuring.  Not precipitation, though it does speak to that, somewhat.  What it most speaks towards is the freeze line of the northern hemisphere.  That is to say, if the snow is staying on the ground, clearly, the surface temperatures are at or below freezing at the lowest latitude and then generally all that north of there.  Here’s our freeze line last February. 


Now, as clearly evidenced by the graph, our winter snow extent, and thus our freeze line, has moved south by a few million kilometers.  From this information, there are a few things we can know.  Clearly, the areas in the past which were at the freeze line, but, are now north of the freeze line have not generally warmed.  Further, those areas which are now at the new freeze line, but, in the past, were not, have clearly cooled in the winter. 

How likely, then, is the claim that our winters have warmed, to be true?  Not very damned likely by my estimation.  Especially considering we have a rather large swath of area we absolutely know to be cooler than it was in the past during the winters.   

Now, it is true our Spring snow extent is decreasing somewhat. 


But, notice, our Fall snow extent. 


I suppose they’ll start claiming our Fall’s are getting warmer, as well. 

Our snow hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s simply typical seasonal changes this earth has always seen, and will continue to see.  Anyone who has bothered to know, already knows this.  Our climate experts?  They either know, and are intentionally deceiving the public, or, are simply too stupid to understand basic information and data. 

These people are not scientists.  But, they play one for the leftist propaganda machines. 

I wonder if these people know they’re sounding like an old broken LP record?  One can usually count on these babbling bits of stupidity about once a month.  For years they’ve been repeating this mantra, and each year, we seem to manage to have snow.  Weird, right?

Source for maps and graphs here.

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7 Responses to Oh Noes!!!! Alarmists Recycling Alarmism!!! Ski Industry To Die Because Of Snow Melt!!!! ….. Again, And, Again, And, Again!!!

  1. Me says:

    It won’t mean anything to them until they have to pay for what they were told, and even then I doubt some will figure it out.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    They probably mean us, since our Aussie snow season is a damp squib. So far at least. The local Ten Network news weather guy tonight was saying our June has been nearly 3 C above average and is set to continue. Nary a mention of global warming because we’re all too busy enjoying how nice the weather has been. Global warming, after all, must be bad.

  3. DirkH says:

    Assume the Ski industry actually had a problem; how would that even be a problem for anybody else? The people who have enough disposable income to spend it on skiing trips would instead spend it on amusement parks or tourism or handbags.
    The Greens constantly tell us we should consume less, doesn’t this pose a much bigger threat to the ski industry, amusement parks, tourism AND handbags? So; given that the Greens have grown far faster than temperatures have risen, should we not fight the spread of the Green ideology first if we wanted to do something for the ski industry?

    As usual the greens and the journalists exploit the fact that they have disinformed the public for so long now that nearly everyone is a helpless mushbrain. They are brain parasites.

  4. philjourdan says:

    They are already claiming that the falls are getting warmer. And that snow accumulates on the ground at 40 degrees. Gail Combs documented the shenanigans at her own place where they “adjusted” the temperature up so that it was almost 40 with 6 inches of snow falling.

    I wonder if they heard about the European Ski season of 72/73?

  5. Latitude says:

    idiots….this isn’t a snow problem…it’s a calender problem

    Move the calender back a few days…

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