Shock News!!!!! Leftarded Press Lies To People!!!! — WaPo’s Milbank Exposed To Be Biased Hack Posing As A Journalist ….. By A Video —- Reminds Me Of Another Song!!!!


Again, I ask, is there anything more stupid than a Dim? 

So, the Heritage Foundation hosted a panel on Benghazi and the unanswered questions our government refuses to answer. 

In attendance, supposedly, was one Dana Milbank.  Why his parents hated him so much as to give him a girl’s name, we’ll never know.  But, most assuredly, this has adversely effected him, both, emotionally and psychologically. 

For those familiar with Milbank, you already know he’s a pathological liar, as are most leftists.  It’s just they way they roll.  Unfortunately for Milbank ….. well, I’ll get to that later….

So, Milbank decides to lie about what he saw and heard there

Liberal Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank attended a Benghazi panel hosted at the conservative Heritage Foundation earlier this week, and the experience turned his stomach:

What began as a session purportedly about “unanswered questions” surrounding the September 2012 attacks on U.S. facilities in Libyadeteriorated into the ugly taunting of a woman in the room who wore an Islamic head covering…Then Saba Ahmed, an American University law student, stood in the back of the room and asked a question in a soft voice. “We portray Islam and all Muslims as bad, but there’s 1.8 billion followers of Islam,” she told them. “We have 8 million-plus Muslim Americans in this country and I don’t see them represented here.” Panelist Brigitte Gabriel of a group called ACT! for America pounced. She said “180 million to 300 million” Muslims are “dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization.” She told Ahmed that the “peaceful majority were irrelevant” in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and she drew a Hitler comparison: “Most Germans were peaceful, yet the Nazis drove the agenda and as a result, 60 million died.” … “Are you an American?” Gabriel demanded of Ahmed,after accusing her of taking “the limelight” and before informing her that her “political correctness” belongs “in the garbage.” “Where are the others speaking out?” Ahmed was asked. This drew an extended standing ovation from the nearly 150 people in the room, complete with cheers. The panel’s moderator, conservative radio host Chris Plante, grinned and joined in the assault. “Can you tell me who the head of the Muslim peace movement is?” he demanded of Ahmed.

Sounds pretty awful. Also, it’s absolute garbage. Mollie Hemingway wrote a refutation of Milbank’s characterization of the exchange for The Federalist, but it was Politico’s Dylan Byers’ lengthy take-down that has generated the most attention. Byers compared Milbank’s hysterical description of the tone and content of the symposium to unedited video of the event, and concluded that the columnist’s account “grossly misrepresented” what actually happened. Among other things, Milbank elided important details and statements that cut against his dishonest narrative:

Milbank also omits that when Gabriel began speaking, she said to Ahmed, “Great question. I am so glad you are here and I am so glad you brought that up, because it gives us an opportunity to answer.” She then said that on the panel, which was supposed to be about the death of four Americans in Benghazi, “not one person mentioned Muslims, or that we are here against Islam, or that we are launching war against Muslims.” “We are not here to bash Muslims. You were the one who brought up this issue about most Muslims, not us,” Gabriel said to Ahmed. “And since you brought it up, allow me to elaborate with my answer. There are 1.2 [billion] Muslims in the world today. Of course not all of them are radicals. The majority of them are peaceful people. The radicals are estimated to be between 15 to 25 percent according to all intelligence services around the world.” In his email, Milbank wrote, “Gabriel said she was glad the question was asked because it gave her a chance to respond. She accepted that the majority of Muslims are peaceful but said that was irrelevant because there were 180 to 300 million people dedicated to destroying western civilization.” Gabriel does claim that the “peaceful majority” of Muslims “were irrelevant” in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but she is not dismissing peaceful Muslims as unimportant. She’s arguing that the existence of peaceful Muslims did not stop Sept. 11 from happening.

Byers pronounces the column a “disaster.” Buzzfeed piles on, noting that the questioner thanked panelists for their responses, and was given an opportunity to follow-up. When Plante pushed back with his question about the “head of the Muslim peace movement,” Ms. Ahmed smiled and replied, “I guess it’s me right now.” The audience applauded along with the beaming participants. Watch:


I hate posting lengthy videos.  Anything over 5 minutes is too much time to ask of someone else.  OTOH, when it’s worth it, you’ve got to give people an opportunity. 

In the video, the Muslim lady asks/states, her irrelevant question.  It was irrelevant because no one had mentioned Muslims prior to the Muslim asking the question.  The panel wasn’t about Muslims, rather it was about our government’s refusal to fully answer the questions surrounding Benghazi.  The guy on our right then responds.  It’s a good response, but, pretty predictable.  But, the lady to his right ….. she knocks it out of the park!  Her English is fairly accented to Latin dialect, so, you’re forewarned.  But, she’s spot on …. except on specific numbers, which doesn’t detract from what she’s saying.  I don’t know where she lives, but, I wish she’d run for a congressional seat. 

Back to our poor Dana. 

In a song of lore, there once was a man who was given a female name.  It was sad and created hardship for him.  However, it built his character.  I would say this may demonstrate that your naming of a child will not effect his eventual outcome.  However, I’m familiar with another Dana who is just as leftarded as Milbank, and who would lie to you even though there is demonstrable proof the lie could be easily refuted.  Clearly, lying and stupidity are not characteristics we want when naming our children. 

So, maybe Sue is, or isn’t okay, but, I’d be very wary of Dana for a boy ….. apologies to right thinking Danas, worldwide, except for the ones I’ve referenced. 

The song ….


Instead of building character, it may be that naming a boy a girl’s name causes them to be lying scumbags …. don’t know for sure.

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10 Responses to Shock News!!!!! Leftarded Press Lies To People!!!! — WaPo’s Milbank Exposed To Be Biased Hack Posing As A Journalist ….. By A Video —- Reminds Me Of Another Song!!!!

  1. Me says:

    Probably for the same reason SNL’s It’s Pat err something, they believe in diversity err something back then before they were against it, before they were for it again!. 😆

  2. philjourdan says:

    I have a niece named Dana. But I also remember an actor named Dana (male – played a lot of B movies in the 50s – Dana Andrews). Like most Muslims – most Dana’s are truthful. But it only takes one to destroy a name.

  3. kim2ooo says:

    But liberals are circling the wagons. Salon penned a piece titled: “The Right’s Hateful Freak Show: Dana Milbank vs. Heritage Foundation’s Abuse.” NY Mag wrote a piece about the same incident called: “Real-Life Muslims Like Saba Ahmed Pose an Existential Threat to Hate Groups.”

    So, who is Saba Ahmed? It turns out that Ahmed is a “family friend” of Somali-American Mohamed Mohamud, the 19-year-old who in 2010 tried to ignite a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Oregon.

    According to an undercover FBI agent, Mohamud said he’d been thinking of committing “some form of violent jihad since the age of 15” and “was looking for a ‘huge mass that will be attacked in their own element with their families celebrating the holidays.’”

    At the time, The Oregonion reported that Ahmed blames Holder’s Justice Department for:

    … inciting violence, pointing out that the mosque that Mohamed is said to have attended in Corvallis was torched on Saturday in possible retaliation.

    “This is very irresponsible behavior because now the Muslim community is the one suffering the consequences,” she said.

    Mohamud was found guilty by a jury of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and is being held in a federal prison pending sentencing.

    This revelation of Ahmed’s friendship makes Gabriel’s question to Ahmed – asking why Ahmed was talking about Muslims, when the panel had gathered to talk about four dead Americans in Benghazi – much more pointed.

    I have a question for Saba Ahmed – why are you friends with this violent jihadi?

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