Saaayyy ….. Was That Just Wishful Thinking? Leftards Wondering If The Demise Of The TEA Party Was Overstated

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing: ‘Was The Demise Of The Tea Party Overstated?


It seems that with the Virginia Republican primary victory of Tea Party candidate Dave Brat over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has proven to the liberal media that despite their exaggerated reporting, the Tea Party isn’t actually dead. When Chris Jansing asked if “the demise of the Tea Party was overstated,” McKay Coppins of Buzzfeedreplied: “I think so.”

Two weeks ago after the last round of GOP primaries, the liberal media hyped the results as the death knell of the Tea Party. While the political director of NPR, Ron Elving, called the conservative movement “impotent,” NBC’s Chuck Todd described how Democrats were “watching this Tea Party fade with disappointment.” (vid at top link)

Clueless tools. 

Speaking of Todd, apparently he’s going for the record on how many times a person can be wrong while still getting paid to babble his inanity. 

Chuck Todd: Cantor’s Defeat Proves Immigration ‘Will Absolutely Tear the Republican Party Apart’

No, Chucky, it won’t.  Here’s why.  Most establishment Repubs are there because they’d like to stay in power.  Tea Party people vote their convictions.  Other’s, not so much.  Now, it is my impression Cantor fully believed in his immigration stance.  It just so happens, the people in his district disagreed with his position.  But, for the most part, Repubs who advocate amnesty are doing it for the campaign contributions of the businesses who are demanding cheap labor.  Once they realize they’ll go down in flames if they continue their advocacy, they’ll stop. 

I’ve written several times about our illegal immigration problem.  All Repubs will be on the right side of the Tea Party if any mention of immigration reform (which we all agree is badly needed) begins with securing the border.  It’s that simple.  Secure the border first.  Institute sane immigration policies, and then we’ll figure out what to do with the millions of illegals already here.  It makes absolutely no sense to address the later without first addressing the former. 

The message is simple, constitutionally sound, adheres to the widely held view our laws should be enforced, and allows for legal immigration.  

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20 Responses to Saaayyy ….. Was That Just Wishful Thinking? Leftards Wondering If The Demise Of The TEA Party Was Overstated

  1. philjourdan says:

    The democrats are going to pull the plug on Trammel. They THOUGHT he was going to run against a weakened Cantor. Instead, they got a solid conservative that does not have Cantor’s baggage. Nor is he Tea Party. They support him, but did not spend a nickle on him.

    Amnesty will not tear the party apart. Cantor was the champion on the republican side. His loss means others will be gun shy of the issue (with no need, but those idiots still listen to the MSM). It actually will help to unite them as that will not divide them. and America does not care about it that much (JOBS #1, DEFICIT #2, etc.).

  2. Latitude says:

    Honestly, I don’t see this as a TEA Party one way or the other….nor do I see it as Brat having a much better well rounded agenda…
    Brat didn’t even have the money to buy enough air time to get much of a message out there…
    except one

    ….this looks more to me like a anti-establishment anti-Cantor vote….with immigration dead center

    The rest of them better get the message….Virgina is not some podunk backwoods state any more…it’s a suburb of DC

  3. kim2ooo says:

    “So your point was, they didn’t pull the trigger, but they were senior commanders of the Taliban military who directed operations against the United States and its coalition partners?” asked Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas).

    ‘That’s right,” Hagel agreed, adding that as he had said in his earlier statement, they were combatants and “we were at war with the Taliban.”

    Then committee chairman, Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) spoke.

    “Just like bin Laden didn’t pull a trigger, but we went after him because he’s the one that caused 9/11,” he said.

    McKeon did not wait for a response from Hagel, but gave the floor to the next committee member.

  4. kim2ooo says:

    Sickin’ the dogs

    Who is UltraViolet co-founder Nita Chaudhary? In 2004, she was the Democratic National Committee’s first director of online. And she is the former campaign director at MoveOn.Org. While with, Chaudhary aggressively defended the organization’s infamous “General Petraeus is likely to become General Betray Us” ad. (And no, the irony of revisiting how was wrong about the surge in Iraq as we’re currently making plans to evacuate the Baghdad embassy is not lost on me.)

    LIBTARDS can’t help themselves.

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