A Repost From Steve’s Real Science …..

I almost never do this, but, It’s spot on and needs spread.  So ….

Obama Was Worried About Bergdhal’s Health

Posted on June 5, 2014by stevengoddard

President Obama allowed countless numbers of honorably discharged veterans to die waiting for healthcare at VA hospitals, but suddenly became very concerned about the health of one deserter – and felt that he needed to release five terrorists who will kill many more people.

Good thing Bergdhal wasn’t waiting for health care at a VA hospital, he probably would have died.

40% of Americans think Obama is doing great.

I will add a pic…..


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5 Responses to A Repost From Steve’s Real Science …..

  1. DirkH says:

    Sorry if James already posted this;
    Great interview by Megyn Kelly with 6 platoon members of Bergdahl.

  2. Amino Acid in Meteorites says:

    This exchange of a sketchy man for five high up enemy operatives is a clear sign of the condition of America.

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