In other news …. there is no other news ….. Leftards Attempt To Cast Bergdahl Scandal As A Left/Right Issue!!!


Well, you knew it was coming.  Any criticism of the Administration must always be a partisan attack.  It can’t ever be that Zero and his anti-American scum were wrong.  It’s just those evil haters ….

So, we see this at HuffPo …..

Conservatives Have Hilariously Forgotten How Badly They Wanted Bergdahl Home

“Hilariously” …. yeh, that’s how I would describe it if I didn’t know there’s a great potential the lunatics we freed wouldn’t come back and kill American citizens.  “Hilarious”.  And, we did this for a deserter and possible traitor.  “Hilarious”. 

For proof, HuffPo shows us 3 Twitter feeds.  Yes, all three of them.  Oddly, none of the quotes they give demonstrate the people demanding his release were conservatives.  They were simply people who were concerned about a POW who turns out to be probably not a POW. 

According to HuffPo, only conservatives want POWs released, or not.  But, to be sure, if it is only conservatives, well, then that’s hilarious. …… right?

Well, maybe they well decide to only kill Europeans once they’re released after the whole year …… hilarious …. amirite?

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7 Responses to In other news …. there is no other news ….. Leftards Attempt To Cast Bergdahl Scandal As A Left/Right Issue!!!

  1. tom0mason says:

    Dear HuffPo
    It is “Hilariously” known that people have died because of this Æ®§evvıþe, that many more were endangered in the call of duty because of him. So many did their duty and searched for this maggot. For what? For why?
    What has he done for himself, for this country and its people?
    That just so efffing Hilarious.

  2. philjourdan says:

    What do you expect the slaves to do at HuffPo? Defy their masters? So Obama speaks and they sit up and beg.

  3. DirkH says:

    Reading Breitbart all the time (as Germany has little alternative media) – NEVER heard of Bergdahl. HuffPo surrounded by strawmen.

  4. kim2ooo says:

    HuffyPoo speaking out of it’s Susan Rice orifice.

    I guess to huffypoo the word “ALL” means carte blanche…

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