Question …. Did England Even Ever Have A KKK?

Well, there are hoodies, and then, there are hoodies!

UK supermarket criticized for KKK-like design

LONDON — British supermarket chain Asda has been criticized for the design of its World Cup wearable England flags that some customers say resemble hoods worn by the Ku Klux Klan.

Designers of the flag — a St. George’s Cross with the word “England” on it — included a white hood.

In response to customer complaints on Twitter, Asda says on Friday “it’s simply a flag with a hood — nothing more, nothing less,” adding that designers “opted for a hood as you never know what the British weather will bring.”

Asda is owned by American retail giant Wal-Mart.

Why would the English give a flying f—k about whether or not a cape with a hood resembles a KKK hood or not?  As far as I know, the KKK is uniquely American.  Leftist hate groups elsewhere, express themselves differently. 

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10 Responses to Question …. Did England Even Ever Have A KKK?

  1. Latitude says:

    oh good grief……..

  2. philjourdan says:

    Well, since black Subjects in the UK are “african-americans” I guess they had a KKK wing over there too.

  3. tom0mason says:

    My understanding was that the racist hate group in Britain never involved, or emulated, anything like the KKK. There was the British Union of Fascists, and they wore blackshirts. They rose to prominence in the 1930s and were banned in 1940s.
    In the 1950s and 1960s Teddys boys terrorized black communities. This popular subculture was associated with rock and roll music, and rode around on small engined, Italian, motor-scooters. These young men wore clothes styles inspired by the dandies of Edwardian times, with some of their number wearing make-up.
    As that group faded from prominence it was replaced (during the 1970s-????) by the racists calling themselve skinheads. These young men and boys had shaven heads, neat ‘stay-press’ shirts, well pressed drain-pipe blue jeans, and highly polished Dr. Martens boots. Later they often were tatooed in alarming and menacing ways. Oddly they promoted ‘ska music’ which had its roots in the ghettos of Jamaca.
    Currently the British National Party (BNP) are racist political party against all non white residences, they have been known to excite violence against immigrants especially blacks and muslems. Some BNP members have been seen in blackshirts reminiscent of the BUF.

    At no time did anything resembling the KKK arise in Britain.
    But if the lefty’s have rewritten that bit of history, no doubt I will be corrected on this.

    • DirkH says:

      ” Oddly they promoted ‘ska music’ which had its roots in the ghettos of Jamaica.”

      Skinhead is a fashion; it’s not a political monolith. Started as “working class” “movement”; those are the ones you find at Ska concerts to this day; and they’re obviously not racist at all, as black and white ska bands play on the same gigs.

      Nazi skins splintered off as a subgroup with their own music, a punk rock variation.

      An early Buster Bloodvessel, 1979 or so

      Skatalites, Guns Of Navarone , 2012

      • tom0mason says:

        I understand that the early skinheads (as a break-away group of 1960s Mods) were as you say but as documented in h ttps:// but –

        In the late 1970s, the skinhead subculture was revived to a notable extent after the introduction of punk rock. Most of these revivalist skinheads reacted to the commercialism of punk by adopting a look that was in line with the original 1969 skinhead style. This revival included Gary Hodges and Hoxton Tom McCourt (both later of the band the 4-Skins) and Suggs, later of the band Madness. Around this time, some skinheads became affiliated with far right groups such as the National Front and the British Movement.

        The National Front and the British Movement were very violent racist organizations. Support for the British Movement grew at the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 80s when the National Front fragmented. It was particularly popular with the violent youth and skinhead element who had formerly supported the Front. A key part of its tactic for gaining both publicity and members was in formenting violence at football matches and music gigs. h(ttp://

        Later, because of the work of the neo-Nazi John Tyndall, major elements of the British Movement and the National Front groups combined to form the political party called the British National Party (BNP) that is around today. (also see

        It is also my understanding that the majority of the skinhead membership removed themselves from these racists organisations. Later they would hold music concerts and festivals to promote anti-racist attitudes and racial integration, certainly mainstream black and white ska and rocksteady bands supported these ideas.

        Either way KKK was never a British phenomenon,

        • DirkH says:

          “I understand that the early skinheads (as a break-away group of 1960s Mods) were as you say but”

          “Around this time, some skinheads became affiliated with”

          Well but the late 70ies saw the biggest Ska revival in the UK as well, Bad Manners, The Specials, Madness etc so this overlaps a lot, and the wikipedia correctly says “SOME skinheads”.

          And BTW, back then as well as now EVERYONE who is not a 100% Maoist will always be called a Nazi by the united Gramscian European Left that controls the media as well as the terrorist underground here in the EU. Being called a Nazi here is easy. It’s like being called a homophobe in the US today. Disagree? Nazi! All you need to do is say, “I’d like a little less immigration of people who want to replace democracy with Sharia Law” and you’re labeled a Nazi in the EU – which is completely upside down but that’s what is argued!

          So of course some of the kids also PLAY with this. Shave your head, buy some boots, suddenly you’re the Nazi, absolute evil, untouchable! It gives you mythical powers! All the hippies will scurry away! Nobody of the hippies will ever get their head around the fact that you have a pile of Ska and Roots Reggae records at home – doesn’t really jive with the mythical Nazi powers does it?

          And that’s how it really worked in the 70ies, early 80ies in Germany, though of course, it took a little longer for Ska and all that to become popular here than in the UK; it seeped in over time though.

        • tom0mason says:

          The only good thing that happen during the 1980s was that the hippy movement was vanquished! I used to listen to the early (original Jamacan) Prince Buster and Jimmy Cliff blues/blues-ska and rocksteady, I even had an early Wailers back in the 1970s but then I was alway viewed as having strange musical tastes. 🙂 It was because of this I got to hear about the UK revival with 2tone records and from there the skinhead thing – young demented fools easily lead but listening to good music 🙂

  4. DirkH says:

    While we’re talking about the UK…
    “BBC News presenter Peter Dobbie has said the corporation’s expensive new headquarters is a “toxic waste pit” that is making staff ill, after contracting a vomiting bug. ”
    “There is now obviously a trend down there – a trend of filth, human waste products, and a badly built building.
    Whatever is happening on B3 is vicious, adaptable and life-threatening. ”

    Poetic Justice!

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