Jeb Bush ….. Mischaracterizing The Immigration Issue


So, Jeb’s thinking of running for Prez and he’s trying to position himself.  He’s a great politician.  But, this nation doesn’t need a great politician, it needs a leader. 

Jeb Bush says decision on 2016 run coming before year’s end, says illegal immigration can be ‘act of love’

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has said that he would make a decision on whether to run for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination before the end of this year and said that some immigrants who enter the United States illegally do so as an “act of love”for their families. …..

Without ever officially entering the race, Bush has emerged as a tantalizing Republican candidate. The Washington Post reported last week that some prominent Republican party officials and donors had launched a campaign to draft him into the race as an alternate to scandal-hit New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and libertarian-leaning Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.  ……

Bush, who served two terms as Florida governor between 1999 and 2007, described the state of politics as “crazy right now,” and added that one factor in his decision will be whether he can deliver an optimistic, hopeful message without getting drawn into a political “mud fight.” He says the other main factor in his decision will be whether it’s OK with his family if he ran.

It’s not “crazy” right now, it’s changing.  And, it’s changing for the better.  Many Americans have woken up to the fact that the personalities in the establishment parties have little distinction between themselves and they don’t advance the greater discussion. 

At some point, I’ll have something more to say about this.  But, for now, we simply have to note that the classic liberal is pretty much non-existent, anymore, when regarding active American politicians.  There are still a few Americans who hold classic liberal ideologies, but, it’ isn’t represented any longer.  And, only more recently has actual conservatism become part of the greater discussion, again. 

As far as delivering an optimistic, hopeful message without a mud fight, there’s not a chance in hell of that happening.  Many of thin nation are confined to defeatism.  Indeed, that’s what Zero’s presidency is about.  Recall, he wanted to “transform” America.  This is because he didn’t/doesn’t believe in the foundation of principles which gave birth to this nation, nor does he believe in the people of this nation.  But, then, he’s a globalist, like Bush is.  All globalists reject the principles our this nation’s foundation. 

But, Jeb goes on …….

Bush has antagonized many Republicans by supporting immigration reform and the national educational standards known as Common Core.

On immigration, he said that those who come into the country illegally generally do so because they had no other means to provide for their family, and what they did is “not a felony.”

“It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family,” Bush said. “I honestly think that that is a different kind of crime. There should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families.”

There are a few things to say about this.  First and foremost, the motive behind the criminal act isn’t relevant to the discussion.  What we’re discussing is what is and isn’t good for the American society, not what is or isn’t good for a citizen of another nation.  Globalists have a hard time understanding this concept. 

It could be true that “generally”, people come here illegally because they have no better way of providing for their family.  But, even if it were true, that’s only “generally”.  What about the human traffickers?  What about the drug runners?  What about the gun runners?  Are we going to pretend they don’t exist?

And, while we’re pulling on the heartstrings of the American people, and this is one of the points for legal and orderly immigration, is why is it okay we take illegals from one part of the world but, not others?  Jeb, you can’t have it both ways.  It’s a permissible “act of love” if they’re from Mexico or Guatemala, but, what of the people of Cambodia or Ethiopia? 

Here’s my position.  Those who are willing to work, legally, who are willing to abide by our laws, and who are also willing to be allegiant to the US, the US constitution, and the notions which come with being an American citizen, I say, “welcome”.  Not unrestrained immigration, this nation simply can’t, nor can any nation, simply accept all who wish to come to a new land.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the people of Europe.  That said, the US can absorb and meld many more than the smaller nations of Europe. 

The problem with Bush’s argument is that it mischaracterizes the position of those opposing illegal immigration and, it entirely ignores the real issues we have with illegal immigration.    

“Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

Exactly.  But, don’t give me your drug dealers, human traffickers, and other criminals.  Don’t give me your lazy or disloyal.  And, don’t do it at the expense of the American citizen. 

Which leads us to the greater discussion as to what, exactly, does it mean to “breathe free”

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23 Responses to Jeb Bush ….. Mischaracterizing The Immigration Issue

  1. Anything is possible says:

    So the 2016 Presidential election could come down to Hilary Clinton vs Jeb Bush?

    You guys are stuck in a rut!

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    Here’s the compromise: The price of this round of amnesty should be time spent working on the secure border project we were promised last time.

    • Jason Calley says:

      I remember the Reagan amnesty for illegals. “The current situation is out of control. Our only reasonable choice is to give amnesty to the ones already in the country and then, from now on, we will make sure that the borders are guarded!”

      Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

  3. philjourdan says:

    I hear Jeb and wanted to run out and hug an illegal alien. Then commit a crime and run across the border so I could sneak back in and be immune from prosecution.

  4. Jason Calley says:

    Maybe this is good news for we common folk. I am sure that if some of us break into Jeb’s house and help ourselves to some of his goodies, that he will understand. “Honest, Jeb! I was just taking your things so that I can give them to my family! It is an act of love!”

    Of course Jeb somehow glosses over the fact that when excess labour pours into a country, that wages are depressed throughout the nation; after all, low wages means that his family gets even richer than ever. Not to mention that every illegal alien on social services (or in prison) means that our tax burden goes up. He will never miss a meal…

    • suyts says:

      Indeed. I plan to expand on this in the near future. Every time those babbling idiots bring up some crap like this I want to explode.

  5. It’s all just an “act of love”, huh? Is Jeb’s last name actually Sandusky?

  6. Send Al to the Pole says:

    Tom Mcclintock gave an incredible speech on this:

    • cdquarles says:

      Old news, Dirk. I recall studies on TENS and direct stimulation from the 80s/90s. Very tricky, limited response. I recall some studies using TENS/direct stimulation after micro-surgical repair, with or without robots. Still tricky, still with limited response. I recall some studies where they tried to alter scar formation, either chemically or by barriers.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I’ll add this one which is both marvellous propaganda and probably quite true.

    US Navy unveils rail gun that fires at seven times speed of sound

    “An electromagnetic rail gun is a gun that uses just electricity — no gun powder — and, oh, by the way, can shoot a projectile like this, well over 100 miles (160km) at Mach 7,” Chief of Naval Research, Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder, from the Office of Naval Research, told CBS News.

    “So think about that. A slug that big — a slug that big going Mach 7 puts a hole through six half-inch steel plates,” he added.

    “There’s not a thing in the sky that’s going to survive against that.”

    No more Bushes doing USAF Reserve service with these beasts roaming the battlefield.

    The USN has released this the same day that Hagel was given a tour of China’s aircraft carrier.

    Translation to Mandarin: mine is bigger than yours.

    • cdquarles says:

      Nice. Rail gun tech has been around some time now and has become more economical. BTW, my youngest son’s gone to OCS for the Nuclear Navy! I am so proud of him. 😀

      • DirkH says:

        Question is, does it work (as in, reliably). After how many shots does it desintegrate etc.

        • cdquarles says:

          The tech works by alternating electromagnets. It should work as well as the propellant based kinetic weapons. Keep it cool and keep it clean and thus it should work indefinitely. You can even run it with analog computers.

        • DirkH says:

          Rails don’t necessarily last long in a rail gun. Big currents, big forces.

        • cdquarles says:

          So you’re saying that the high-speed mag-lev trains are fragile, then? Same principle and mostly the same materials and other tech.

        • DirkH says:

          No. Less force, less current in a MagLev with at most 1 G acceleration and a measly 500 km/h top speed.

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