These Lunatics Hurt My Head!!!! Shock News!!!! Manufacturing Up In March From February!!!


US manufacturing expanded more quickly in March

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. manufacturing grew at a slightly faster pace in March compared with February as factory output recovered from disruptions caused by severe winter weather. Manufacturers also received more orders, suggesting that production could strengthen a bit in the months ahead.

Morons …. on month to month, March always out-produces February.  There’s like a gadzillion reasons why in the micor, but, the best reason is because it’s warmer!!!!  Always!!!!

Propane and gas prices tend to start lowering.  The requirements of heat are less.  People, especially construction workers and farmers can do more …. and as they do more, so too does the orders for the equipment and material for them to do more.  As toward severe weather, tornado season is starting.  That doesn’t stop us from doing.  Neither does the heat in July and August.  Cold stops things. 

I find this interesting …..

The Institute for Supply Management, a group of purchasing managers, said Tuesday that its manufacturing index increased to 53.7 from 53.2 in February. Any reading above 50 indicates

Right, but, wasn’t February so crappy that we blamed Winter as the reason why it sucked?  But, now we’re saying manufacturing increased in February, but, not as much of an increase has we have in March?   I’m going to hazard a guess and say that the index probably doesn’t properly reflect much of anything.  If anything above 50 is expansion, and we hit 53.2 in February, when the economy was poor … due to bad weather, and now we’re at 53.7 and things are great…….. well…. well  I remember reading about France’s indices as well….

French 2013 deficit, debt higher than expected

For the leftards who don’t believe that’s a problem…. here’s some more great news!!!

Greece to return to bond markets in 1st half 2014

And, why not?  They’re almost solvent with free money …… almost. 


The world would be out of this financial crisis if just some parts of the world would address reality.  The thing about economics is that it isn’t that hard, until people make it hard. 

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16 Responses to These Lunatics Hurt My Head!!!! Shock News!!!! Manufacturing Up In March From February!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Repeat after me. Dreissig Tage hat November, April, Juni und September. Februar hat acht und zwanzig, alle ander hat ein und dreissig.

    Since Obama loves Europe, maybe he will understand it in one of their languages.

  2. Latitude says:

    and other than people….their biggest expense is energy…so they start to crank up in March

    • suyts says:

      Exactly…. it’s easier to afford, labor is more available, demand is up … Spring has sprung!!! I don’t know why these lunatics don’t understand this. All across the heartland it’s like this. Harsh winters? We were bottle fed on them! But, now is the time to shake and move. The wheat is in, already, and orders for combines and parts are up. The ground is thawed and temps are more cooperative so now we dig and build. Orders for dozers and parts are up! Factories have to fill the orders and so they’ve their own needs. … we need steel and other metals!

      If this were a decent economy, this nation should be booming. But, it’s not.

  3. tom0mason says:

    But, but …
    The man on the radio said the upturn was because this administration was so good at fff..fiscal thingies, and had a good command over the the fff…(oops)..economy.

  4. Tom In Indy says:

    I was going to remind SUYTS that the data is seasonally adjusted, so it accounts for March being warmer than February etc by adjusting the raw data up or down based on historical patterns. But, I thought I better check first. Here is what I found.

    There are 10 components in the index. However, the site says data is seasonally adjusted for New Orders, Production, Employment and Supplier Deliveries indexes.

    What? Only 4 of the 10 components are seasonally adjusted? That makes no sense to me. Employment, Inventories, backlogs and others, are not seasonally adjusted.

    So what exactly does the index tell us if part of it is seasonally adjusted and part of it is not?

    The result is that components with large weather effects will dominate the series, because they will show abnormally large changes compared to the seasonally adjusted components.

    In other words, the problem is exactly as SUYTS described 🙂

    • cdquarles says:

      One also wonders about the effects of confounding and/or missing variables in the seasonal adjustment models.

  5. DirkH says:

    JPM blocks cash transactions with Russia; Russia makes barter deal with Iran in retaliation.
    US thinks everyone depends on the Dollar. Might become an expensive illusion.

  6. DirkH says:

    Treasury yields march upwards again; TNX now at 2.8%. Rooting for a 3+!

  7. DirkH says:

    UK Muslim rapes, then decapitates live girlfriend, stabs himself in chest, doesn’t know why he did it.
    Charming people.

  8. philjourdan says:

    he who must not be named returns!

    Seems there is a lot more voter fraud than liberals want to admit. Just no one has looked into it before.

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