Predictions Of The Previous Century Confirmed!!! Global Meltdown Demonstrated!!!!

One wonders how long the lunatics will run with their “settled science” meme.  Year after year, regardless of the specific subject, the lunatics are sown to be wrong. Constantly and consistently. 

So, here we are.  We’re 1/4 through 2014 and racing to 2015.  Back in the late 90s many assured us we would be seeing the effects of our impending doom by now. Floods, droughts, sea level rise increasing, heat waves unseen before and a myriad of things witch are now predicted to happen towards the end of this century…. conveniently most of the doomsayers will be long dead so people can’t spit on their faces for the senseless sacrifices forced upon them in order to satisfy the superstitious lunacy of the doomsayers.  

Still today, some insist that the “settled science” tells us that the world will lose most of its sea ice. 

Well, since the start of the new century, and in spite of the fact that our CO2 emissions have done nothing but increase, we see this ….



Shocking demise, isn’t it?!??!??!??!  Demise of he “settled science”, that is.  If only our “scientists” would look at real world data.  By doing so, they might come to understand some parts of the real world.  Or, at least come to understand that we can’t understand the things which happen in our world. 

I intend to do more with some climate posts in the near future, if I can manage the graphics and whatnot.  We’re entering what should be the fun stage of this round of climate hysteria. 


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12 Responses to Predictions Of The Previous Century Confirmed!!! Global Meltdown Demonstrated!!!!

  1. tom0mason says:

    “We’re entering what should be the fun stage of this round of climate hysteria.”

    Well the level of MSM bullcrap is starting up at scream level and it appears that soon it will get to Bedlam Hospital screeching level.‎

  2. philjourdan says:

    Judith Curry has an interesting article on the efforts to change the null hypothesis. As she is always gracious and polite, she does not call out Trenberth for his incompetency. For that is all it is.

    The bottom line of it is, if alarmists get their way and manage to convince the scientific community to throw science out the window, then you will have to PROVE nothing has happened. Merely showing it will not disprove that the nothing was caused by AGW.

  3. tom0mason says:

    Paul Homewood has also just covered Antarctic Sea Ice 2nd Highest On Record, Global Sea Well Above Normal,
    His comment –

    “At the end of March, Antarctic sea ice extent was the second highest on record, according to NSIDC, just 9000 sq km less than 2008. This is 23% greater than the 1981-2010 mean of 5.230 million sq km.
    This maintains the trend of recent years, with six of the last seven above average.
    [and his chart shows] Over this period, global sea ice has been above average for 252 days.

    appears to be something the UN-IPCC chooses to ignore.

  4. in the 70’s they were ”predicting” ice age by the year 2000… you may be already defrosted from that ice age; but now they are ”predicting” global warming in a 100years – in other words: they have learned from Nostradamus; ”predict” for when you are not going to be around, to give the looted money back

    • suyts says:

      Absolutely….. some of us got tired of hearing their BS, and so we started to keep track, and now that we have, they extend their apocalyptic predictions to when none of us will be alive.

  5. suyts, in a few hours strong cyclone is coming here; same cyclone that killed many people in Solomon islands, only by now is much stronger. Probably we will lose power, but lets see what story down south in Sydney, Brisbane the warmist will make about this cyclone, are they going to blame the phony global warming – is category 5, they don’t make them any stronger. It’s a bit scary… the center will suppose to hit a bit north from here, but they are unpredictable – it’s raining; but they are ”predicting” 500mm of rain for those 2h when is passing the coast – that’s half a meter of rain in short time of 2h… hold my hand, please…

    • suyts says:

      Stefan, you be sure and be safe! I’m sure they will try to spin it as such. You be careful, and please, let us know when the danger has passed you.

      My prayers to you and yours…..


      • James, pretty sure that we will lose electricity for next few days and computer will not work

        now is 11,30am local time, the center of the cyclone will heat the coast at 9pm, another 10h, it’s 300kms/h wind speed. Now just the TV said: they released all the patients out of the hospital, to empty the beds, apart of the most critical – looks like they are expecting many new patients tonight…

        Also the TV said that: ”people with solar panels are not better of, because the panels are connected to the main greed – when power lines are down, their fridges will not work also – so they cannot lough at me, for when my fridge gets smelly. Most of those panels will end up in the sea anyway. This is a very powerful cyclone, but will hit where is not very populated areas, no big cities here

      • suyts says:

        Stay safe, as best you can. I’m sure you know the precautions you can take. Godspeed.

    • philjourdan says:

      Joanne Nova’s got a page up on it. Sad to say that I have to go to her blog (I guess the MSM in Oz is carrying it as well) to read about it.

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