An After Weekend Song!!!


Nothing to comment, but, the song is a great reminder that as we journey through life, we need to remember to live.  So as we all get back to the grind of the week, remember to take some time, from time to time. 

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10 Responses to An After Weekend Song!!!

  1. Than you, good to have you back! Not that you were gone.

  2. Send Al to the Pole says:

    James, here is some valuable information:

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    So, if you have this type of coverage, you are considered compliant with Commiecare. And guess what? The cost per month is 1/3 the cost of Commiecare! I have the Gold Plan for $150/mo. I am electing to throw in some additional in a program called “Brother’s Keeper”.

    I just dumped Obamabronze for $450/mo a few days ago. This plan looks better to me. Any doctor, any hospital.

    For Christians who are interested, check out the site below. No exam, No qualifying.
    They don’t cover what you are currently undergoing treatment for. But once your condition is stabilized, future occurrences are treated as new incidents, and have coverage according to a schedule.

    I would much rather put my money toward this. The slice of revenue that goes to administration is minuscule. Almost all the money goes to pay medical bills for members.

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