It’s Snowing Outside, So Businesses Might Not Invest In Durable Goods ….. Or Something …..


More vapid economic reporting ……

Durable goods orders up, but key category weakens

WASHINGTON (AP) — Orders to U.S. factories for long-lasting manufactured goods rose in February by the most in three months, but a key category that reflects business investment fell sharply. This category fell 1.3 percent, the second setback in three months.

I get the distinct impression the writers don’t really understand how businesses work.  Businesses, investing in durable goods don’t care what the weather is like outside.  Purchasing “durable goods” strongly suggests they’re more focused on future events, rather than present events.  And, even if they thought we were going to be saturated with wintery weather for the rest of our lives, the orders for snow plows and the like would increase! 

I’ve posted several news articles like this.  The reason why I’m doing this is so we can prepare for this.  I’m not sure how much more I can dumb this down for the leftards.  The only thing they are more ignorant about than climate science is economics.  And, the nutters are preparing to further conflate and combine the two. 

So vapid is their lunacy, even warmist Richard Tol, who is avowed climate nutter, is rejecting the lunacy the UN is going to put out.  We see these stories by the AP and Reuters are preparatory for such vapidity. 

UK professor refuses to put his name to ‘apocalyptic’ UN climate change survey that he claims is exaggerating the effects


A climate scientist has accused the United Nations of being too alarmist over global warming – and demanded his name be removed from a crucial new report.

Professor Richard Tol, an economist at the University of Sussex, said fellow UN academics were exaggerating climate change and comparing it to the ‘apocalypse’.

His comments are a blow to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which on Monday will publish its first update in seven years on the impacts of climate change.

Previous IPCC reports on climate impact have been plagued by errors that damaged the body’s credibility.

Most famously, it said in 2007 that glaciers in the Himalayas could disappear by 2035, a claim it has since withdrawn.

Scientists are meeting in Japan this week to agree the wording of the final document, which will be used to inform policy decisions of governments around the world.

Leaked drafts of the report predict that by the end of the century man-made global warming will have done serious harm to the global economy, displaced hundreds of millions of people and created violent conflict. Chapters on flooding, water supply and agriculture estimate huge impacts.

Prof Tol, the lead co-ordinating author of the report’s chapter on economics, was involved in drafting the summary for policymakers – the key document that goes to governments and scientists. But he has now asked for his name to be removed from the document.

He said: ‘The message in the first draft was that through adaptation and clever development these were manageable risks, but it did require we get our act together.

‘This has completely disappeared from the draft now, which is all about the impacts of climate change and the four horsemen of the apocalypse. This is a missed opportunity.’

This gives me hope for humanity.  Even Tol is learning.  Someone should clue Tol in to the fact that’s all it’s ever been about …. scaring people in order for them to give up their prosperity and freedoms. 

Tol had already ruffled the feathers of the alarmists when Cook lied about the positions of some of his papers and he called them on it.  This is probably the last straw for the alarmists.  Expect the heretic to be ex-communicated from the cult of global warming. 

h/t …. heck someone for the article about Tol.  It does confirm what we’ve all suspected about the propaganda over the recent economic news.

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5 Responses to It’s Snowing Outside, So Businesses Might Not Invest In Durable Goods ….. Or Something …..

  1. Latitude says:

    …I just can’t listen to anything someone says
    that gets up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and makes themselves look like that

  2. cdquarles says:

    Exactly. Durable goods, particularly industrial durable goods are capital goods, and this is one of our comparative advantages. Capital spending happens when the ROI on the risk taken is worth it. That’s still high, despite or maybe because of the artificially low Fed rate and the massive ‘money’ generation (too much to be printing … its electronic too).

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