Kudos To A Daily Beast Editor? Yep!!!!

Well, you won’t see this everyday, at Suyts, but, we give credit where credit is due.  And, the fact is Michael Moynihan doesn’t seem to fit the mold of typical Daily Beast team members.  That’s an interesting story all to itself, but, for now, we’ll just confine ourselves to this.  Twitchy has it.

Michael C Moynihan ✔ @mcmoynihan


IBT, purchaser of Newsweek, runs story on unnamed sinister Jew manipulating Ukrainian protests. Source? Iranian TV http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/ukraine-protests-israeli-ex-officer-leads-militant-group-1436865#.UwY4WHisv-I.facebook …

1:23 PM – 26 Feb 2014

The article was written by one Ludovica Iaccino.  She pipes up to protest the characterization ……

LudovicaIaccino @LudovicaIaccino


@mcmoynihan The article clearly states that: “the Iranian news channel was set up by the fiercely anti-Zionist Islamic regime”

Oh, oh, it seems she altered the article after being called on it ………..

Michael C Moynihan ✔ @mcmoynihan


.@LudovicaIaccino Are you really that dishonest? You changed the story and the headline. Do you want to compare versions with me?

And, this is a problem for the dishonest LSM types.  They don’t cover their tracks very well when other people pick up their stories. ……

Michael C Moynihan ✔ @mcmoynihan


.@LudovicaIaccino Can you ask Yahoo to dishonestly alter their version too? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/ukraine-protests-israeli-ex-officer-leads-militant-group-094657071.html#0qX1oXJ …

Michael C Moynihan ✔ @mcmoynihan


.@LudovicaIaccino You should be fired for that tweet alone. Unbelievably dishonest “journalism.” cc: @ibttimes

Amen brother!!!  But, here’s doubting that she will be fired, and if she is, she’s certain to resurface somewhere else, spewing her hate. 

But, it’s only a certain sort of hate ……

Jeremy Duns @jeremyduns


@mcmoynihan @LudovicaIaccino How bizarre is this? http://www.beinquisitiveblog.com/tag/jews/ Hitler bad, Mao… not so much. Okaaay.

Actually, Mr. Duns, it is bizarre, but, is becoming rather common place by the lunatic communists.  They don’t really see or understand that there’s very little difference between the two former leaders.  Semantics mostly. 

And, there seems to be little difference between her and the two, as well.  How one decides to interject anti-Semitism into what’s happening in the Ukraine, today, is beyond me.  But, it has had it’s intended effect.  Now, perhaps a few million will come to believe what’s happening in the Ukraine is some sort of Jew plot.  We’ve managed to keep hate alive for a few more generations.  Well, it wasn’t the Kochs or the Tea Party this time, so there’s that ……. 

What Moynihan is doing at the Daily Beast, I can’t fathom.  Here’s his interesting bio on Wiki.

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8 Responses to Kudos To A Daily Beast Editor? Yep!!!!

  1. You know how many Ukrainian Jews I’ve met in my life? Quite a few, actually. There was, & still is a fairly large Jewish population there. A good number of them emigrate to Israel, & if they’re young enough, they end up serving in the IDF. Some of them probably even move back to Ukraine later, eh?

    It would be weird if a Ukrainian Jew, who’d lived in Israel for a decade or two & become a military officer, would move back to Ukraine & end up taking part in a popular uprising against an insane thug. Can’t possibly imagine anything other than some kind of sinister conspiracy to explain that one.

  2. philjourdan says:

    Yes, it is hard to believe that a liberal has a streak of integrity. But then it does snow in LA about once every century.

  3. DirkH says:

    Michael C Moynihan :
    “@LudovicaIaccino Are you really that dishonest? You changed the story and the headline.”

    This sounds like he just immigrated from Ireland and he doesn’t know how the American Left operates.

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