Idiot Leftists Blaming Weather For Crappy Economy!!!!


I hope everyone here, reading this, sees the implicit nature of what they’re saying.  They’re saying it’s global warming which is causing our economy to go to crap. 

But, look closer at their stupidity. 

Bad weather puts the chill on many companies

Storms outside can freeze up economic growth.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says the central bank will be watching ……

A number of companies have blamed this season’s snow and freezing temperatures for putting the ice on their own sales:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. closed more than 200 of its stores during its fourth quarter. Its profit fell 21 percent and it gave a subdued forecast for the year. Other factors, such as food stamp cuts, are hurting its business.

😐  Well, given the nature of the article, it’s unclear if Wal-Mart permanently closed 200 stores during the fourth qtr (I doubt it and it wouldn’t be weather related, but, then …) or if they were temporarily closed due to the weather.  Either way, it silly.  200 stores?  Wal-Mart has about 4000 stores in the US, 11,000 world wide.  200 closed at some time for the 4th qtr due to weather?  I’d say that’s probably a given in any quarter. 

— Macy’s Inc. also closed stores because of winter storms. At one point during January, about 30 percent of its Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores were shut. Macy’s said business remained sluggish until Valentine’s Day but hopes sales will bounce back in the spring.

That’s every winter. 

Home Depot and Toll Brothers are complaining, but, their business rises and falls from home sales, not the weather.  What?  People don’t buy houses because it’s cold?  How stupid is that?  In there’s this monumental bit of stupidity ……

— McDonald’s Corp.’s sales at established U.S. stores fell 3.3 percent in January, hurt by bad weather.

— Whole Foods Market Inc. said bad weather had shoppers making fewer trips to its stores, slowing its sales growth in the quarter that ended in January. It remains optimistic about its future sales trends.

That’s right folks!!!  You read it here first!!!  People went on a month long fast!!!  Prolly because they wanted to appease the climate gods. 

Restaurants, and grocery stores, both had their businesses harmed by the weather …… what, then, did people eat during the month of January? 

— Columbia Sportswear Co. was one of the rare companies that benefited from a cold winter. The seller of Columbia jackets, Sorel boots and Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags said revenue rose 6 percent in its latest quarter after being hurt by mild winters in the past two years.

OIC, people could get out to buy boots and coats and stuff, but, food?  Well, that’s just a bit much when it’s soo cold outside.  But, then, don’t people buy boots and coats and stuff at Wal-Mart, too?

And, then, there’s this from another article ……

Orders for US durable goods fell 1 percent in Jan.

….  “There is some evidence that the growth rate of equipment investment is strengthening,” said Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics. But “we won’t know for sure until the weather improves.”

Frigid weather and snowstorms have cut into factory output in recent months. As manufacturing has slowed, the effects have echoed across the economy to dampen hiring, retail demand and home sales.

I just can’t tell if the writers are that stupid or if they expect the readers to be that stupid.  WE’RE TALKING ABOUT ORDERS FOR DURABLE GOODS!!!!!

Current weather conditions are not related to the prospects of the future business prospects of a company.  …… “Nope, the boss says we can’t have a new truck for shipping this summer.  It’s snowing outside.” 

Here’s the brass tacks of inclement weather.  There’s no net gain or loss because of it.  Yes, some businesses do suffer because of inclement weather.  Other companies exist solely for the purpose of inclement weather.  A snow storm?  Towing business booms!  Snow removal services boom!  As noted warm clothing apparel boom!  You know what doesn’t?  Grocery stores.  Sure, they may have to be closed for a day, but, most in the US don’t shop daily.  What ever we don’t buy one day, we’ll buy the next.  And, even if we are those who do shop daily, we always have some food stocks in the pantry, in which we’ll restock as soon as we get the chance.  Oh, yeh, heating, and the fuels and equipment necessary for the production of heating …. that also booms.  Later, Home Depot and the like will get increased business because of the weather.  Roofing, anyone? 

I believe this is an example of the model for lying and exaggerating to the people with a specific goal in mind, as we saw one of the papers which modeled this very example.  

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8 Responses to Idiot Leftists Blaming Weather For Crappy Economy!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    South Florida + hurricane + Home Depot + Publix = BINGO

    • suyts says:

      Always ….. same as tornadoes in these parts. But, Sandy in New Jersey? They said it caused an economic downturn. Months later I still couldn’t buy the materials I needed at a reasonable price for my home improvements. The guy at the lumber yard said that’s because all of the materials went to NJ and NY because of the storm…… but, it hurt our economy…… right.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    Kind of the way a properly managed economy fluctuates for every variance in conditions. A properly left alone economy.

  3. Lars P. says:

    Oh yes, in this “fourth” warmest year, or something like this, excess snow and cold are to be blamed for the weak economy, and of course the CO_2 did it to us.
    The problem was CO_2, always, this is why also Katrina made the damage and not the missing dams:
    ” SOWL has always fought bitterly against the United States Army Corps of Engineers.”
    and won.
    We should just reduce our CO_2 output and Gaia will maybe have pity with us.

  4. philjourdan says:

    Of course everyone has unlimited money to spend thanks to the great minimum wage jobs Obama created. Oh wait. Jobs are still down. Blame Bush. Damn that is not working any more! Ok, Blame Congress. Oops! 73% of the people say it is Harry Reid’s (aka democrats) fault. Ok, what is left.

    AGW!!!!!!! Kill the deniers!

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