CBS Pronounces The End Of Snow!!! Doom For Winter Sports!!! Shills Alarmist’s New Book!!!!


Well, you don’t expect honest and informed reporting, do you?

From News Busters …….

CBS Predicts Climate Change Means the End of Snow: ‘Winter Sports Could Be Doomed’

CHARLIE ROSE: The Sochi Olympics suffered some of the most extreme weather of any winter games. Athletes faced fog, rain and temperatures in the 60s. Research predicts that could become the new reality at ski resorts around the world. As Don Dahler reports, the author of a controversial book believes winter sports could be doomed. 

DON DAHLER: Porter Fox loves to ski. He’s been shushing down slopes since he was two. The features editor of Powder magazine has skied on five continents and says everywhere he’s traveled there has been less and less snow. 

PORTER FOX (Powder magazine writer and editor): We’ve lost a million square miles of snow cover in the spring in the last 47 years.

DAHLER: Fox’s book about skiing and the future of snow includes studies on how it’s vanishing throughout North America, Europe and Asia. He cites climatologists who say that will decimate the ski industry.

FOX: Half of the 103 resorts in the north east likely will not be able to stay open and that’s in the next 30 years, which is pretty shocking. That’s where I grew up skiing.

And, of course, later we see this, some realist was allowed on, but, only to be shot down by a false meme…..

FAIRBANK: We’re in a constant state of climate change. I don’t know if we’re seeing – I know we’re certainly not seeing the kinds of patterns and data that suggest the sky is falling. 

FOX: I wish he was right, I really do. I would tend to believe the thousands of scientists disagree with that opinion.

Yeh, well, I’m not that trusting of our satellites back in 1967 to have accurately accounted for our snow cover back then.  In fact, that’s not the way they measured it back then.  So, it’s a bit misleading to make the comparison to today, but, then, I wouldn’t typically expect a ski writer (that’s a job?) to know that, unless he’s shilling a book about it.  Then, you’d expect him to do his homework.  Unfortunately, he either didn’t do his homework, or his simply misleading people. 

Now, it is true our spring snow cover has lost some ground.  Here it is over the last 30 years.


It looks to me like we’ve lost about maybe … well, we’ve lost a little more than 2.1 million km.  Or, using a very sciency term for the lunatics, we haven’t lost very much over the last 30 years.  Still if this continues, could it be the end of Winter sports in the Spring!?!?!?!?  Heaven forbid!!!!  But, maybe.  Maybe they’ll just have to move up their skiing schedule.


Yeh, thousands of scientists who disagree.  A complete and utter falsehood. 


The end of snow ….. clearly signaled by increasing Fall snow cover, more so than the Spring is diminishing by. 

Source for graphs

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13 Responses to CBS Pronounces The End Of Snow!!! Doom For Winter Sports!!! Shills Alarmist’s New Book!!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Sochi is subtropical! It has palm trees for christ sake! But because it was hosting the “winter” Olympics, these mental midgets thought it was supposed to be sub zero!

    • Anything is possible says:

      All outdoor events at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Rio cancelled to to lack of snow.

      “See. We told you climate change would destroy the ski industry!”

  2. Sochi is the ”warmest” part of the largest country on the planet; any other place in Russia is colder than Sochi

  3. Mark Luhman says:

    When I started reading about Sochi I first though that it would like having the winter Olympics in Flagstaff, then I found out that normal high for Sochi was in the min 50, I than concluded it would be like trying to have the Olympics in Sedona, Even in Sedona your hard press to raise Palm trees. I think most of the MSM reside in the 51 percent of the Democrat party whom so not know how long it takes the earth to circle the sun. God Help US!

    • schiuri says:

      cool, i didn’t knew this until now…and with regards tot the lack of snow…i am pretty sure that we will have some solutions if it will happen at one point (moving the date of the Olympics is one of them :)))

  4. So March 2013 is very slightly higher than March 1984, for April, 2013 is quite a bit higher than 1984, and for May it has gone the other way. I guess it’s all over for us!
    And when you consider that September 2013 is verging on double September 1984, oh gosh! Definitely the end of snow as we know it.

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