Okay ….. Government Motors Get’s A Nod From Suyts!!!

But, only because they played this during the Olympics!!!!  Nicely done.  I may decide to end my GM embargo, yet!!!  Yes, it’s one of the idiotic electric thingies, but, hey, that’s not why I like the commercial.  It’s a beautiful sell tactic which pulls on the heart strings of American patriotism.  What better audience to play to than the ones watching the Olympics cheering the US from home?


Rg, sent me to this blog to get it. 


h/t rg

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11 Responses to Okay ….. Government Motors Get’s A Nod From Suyts!!!

  1. kelly liddle says:

    Quite a suitable ad for the winter olympics as the Europeans are your main competition. Whether there is actually any truth to the claims is irrelivant.

  2. I. Lou Minotti says:

    I will still and only buy my vehicles from FoMoCo. They didn’t take the government bailout money. And then there’s a survey somewhere (from the 70’s–I can’t locate it), that connects manly men with the Ford brand, while the limp-wrists and politically-correct socialists trend toward GM or Chrysler. Remember Lee Iacocca’s bent-on-knee plea for government money?

  3. cdquarles says:

    One other thing about GM’s involvement in the 08 mess. GMAC had branched out of auto related loans and ‘diversified’ into mortgages. So, they were caught up in the Fannie/Freddie mess, too. I’m not sure about Chrysler, but they’d been tied to Daimler-Benz. Possible Deustche Bank ties? Then there was the Fiat fiasco.

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