Runner Up For Idiotic Tweet Of The Day!!!!!

Senator Harry Reid ✔ @SenatorReid


The Koch bros made over $18 billion last year, but middle-class families have watched their incomes stagnate for decades. #RaiseTheWage

Yeh!!!!  Because the Kochs made money we should raise the minimum wage for the middle-class!!!!!  ……….  😐  Wait!!!  What?????

You see, this is when we know we need term limits.  The only question I have is which group is it that Reid is entirely unfamiliar with?  Is it the minimum wage workers or the middle-class?  Or, is it that he’s suggesting that minimum wage workers should become the new “middle-class”?  Which, ironically, it does stop people from attaining that step up from minimum wage. 

h/t Twitchy

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15 Responses to Runner Up For Idiotic Tweet Of The Day!!!!!

  1. DirkH says:

    Harry Reid said something correct.
    By raising the minimum wage, low wage unskilled workers become more expensive, thus they become less of a competition for the high wage workers (union workers) which form the middle class.
    This is the reason that unions the world over are for raising the minimum wage. Their members, by definition, always earn more. Otherwise it would be a union that never achieved a pay rise for its members.
    They are trying to burn the bridges into the labor market behind them.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    And when they raise the minimum wage, the Koch bros. will have to pay more for every product they buy. Just like the rest of us. Not sure if that will help us gain on them.

    • cdquarles says:

      It won’t. It never has done that. Not only that, raising the minimum wage automatically raises the ‘poverty line’. You can’t win in that game. I have a memory of leftards whinging about the minimum wage failing to keep up with inflation and thus made the minimum wage worker left out. That’s true, to an extent, but the boom unleashed by ending the The Great Inflation 2 and the collapse of marginal tax rates combined to make work more valuable. Thus, the ‘middle class’ gained and the numbers of ‘minimum wage’ workers dropped as they moved up from the employers who competed for their services.

      I seem to also remember the 80s/90s as the period of time in my life where the Congress, which was D controlled more often than not, didn’t go along with minimum wage hikes that often. I remember the minimum being $1.10 when I first started working for others and going to some $4 then stalling out, only getting to $5 after about 20 years. I might be wrong about that.

  3. Richard says:

    Actually this is a win-win position for the the Dems.

    1.They get all the publicity for “helping the Little Guy”.
    2. As dedicated socialists they truly believe they are “spreading the wealth” by forcing business owners to give up more of their profits to their “workers”(how I despise that word!).
    3. Many union contracts are negotiated off of the “prevailing wage”. If minimum wage goes up so do union pay scales.
    4. Higher paychecks across the board equal higher taxes collected by federal income tax,social security,and medicare,not to mention state taxes, thus giving them more money to spend and more power to weild.

    Look you’ve got to remember these people are True Believers of socialist economic theory.None of them have to deal with the First Rule of Economics:There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!
    No member of either party that endorses this #$%@ believes there will be long term hardship for anybody:fewer new hires,fewer workweek hours, fewer businesses started because of higher costs.
    They genuinely believe this is good for everybody.

    • suyts says:

      Richard, thanks and welcome. Sorry about the wait in moderation. Now that you’ve been approved for commenting, you’ll no longer have to wait. (two link limit)

  4. UKJohn says:

    I think you need to understand the Politicians’ Newspeak. Here in the UK we are a few years ahead of you having had basically left wing governments for decades now, being badged Conservative notwithstanding.
    When UK politicians talk of someone being middle class, they mean someone with a full time job.
    When they talk of working class people, they mean the exact opposite, they are talking about people who are unemployed/ on benefits/ or more PC-wise job searching.

  5. kim2ooo says:

    Let’s see………..

    2 brothers earned 18 billion – 9 billion a piece.

    Soros under Obama, rose to 19 billion .
    Bill Gates… 200 million a day.
    Bill Gates, who added $11.5 billion to his coffers for a new net worth total of $72.6 billion – See more at:

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