Really Barry, Just Stop!!!!!


In his latest, he looks like he’s going to fall down.  What’s he doing?  The splits while holding a football?

Look man, there’s no shame in not being given to athletics.  Just go with it and quit trying!!!  Stop it!!!!

h/t Lat

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10 Responses to Really Barry, Just Stop!!!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    He gives metrosexuals a bad name.

  2. Yvan says:

    I do not know, what Obama claims to be his preferred hand. But both this and the baseball picture look very much like a strictly right-handed guy trying to throw with his left.

    • Bruce says:

      He plays golf left handed. I have no idea what his handicap would be but he is less sporty then me, and I’m very average.

      • Yvan says:

        I’m right-handed, but I hold hockey (or golf) stick on my left. Actually most right-handed people do.
        Anyway, complete ignorance about sports (at least any sport, where hands and ball come in contact) seems like the best explanation.Most people look way better than him only after a couple of tries with their weak hand.

        • Bruce says:

          I’m not referring to which side he holds them on. He uses standard left handed clubs, you can see it in the many photos.

          I empathise with the poor guy in this. His character is such that he just cannot say no to a situation where he is in front of an audience of millions, like an opening day pitch or throw. But his sporting ability is actually very ordinary (although his team spun it quite hard with the basketball ‘expertise’ thing in the 2008 election) and he especially sucks at sports he hasn’t ever played. A clever leader with good staffers can engineer many excuses to look dignified yet get out of silly situations like these ones. Obama and his people can’t seem to find these outs. Bill Clinton was much much better at managing such situations.

          All it takes is to arrange a foreign visit for that day, and problem is solved. Pictures on the news of handshakes with Prime Minister X fit the bill nicely.

      • philjourdan says:

        His handicap is his lack of a brain.

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