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It’s Racist When We Do It …… Mexico Embraces Vigilante Groups Fighting Mexican Drug Cartels!!!

Remember all the nasty names people called private concerned citizens in the US who would patrol our borders to keep the criminals out of our nation?  Well, now what evil names are we going to call these people? Mexico Finally … Continue reading

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Win For The US!!!!! Waxman To Call It Quits!!!!

LONGTIME DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMAN Henry Waxman says 20 terms in the House is enough, and won’t seek re-election in the fall — the latest Affordable Care Act architect to announce his retirement. Not only was Waxman instrumental in Zerocare, but, he … Continue reading

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Gems 2014 — January 30 — Matthew 19

Guest Post by Jeanette Andrade January 30 Scripture Selection: Matthew 19 Food for Thought: Mat. 19:3-6 This chapter contains several tough subjects, and it is tempting to deal with them all, but that is not possible in this space, so … Continue reading

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LOL!!! The Power Of Suyts??? MSNBC Says It’s Sorry …..

  Richard Wolffe ✔ @richardwolffedc Follow The Cheerios tweet from @msnbc was dumb, offensive and we’ve taken it down. That’s not who we are at msnbc. Well, sure ….. others might say one didn’t have to do with the other, … Continue reading

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Flashback All The Way Back To Last Month!!! MSNBC Make Fun Of Biracial Romney Family Pic!!!! …. Then Today

  So, conservatives, being the forgiving people that we are, commented on the leftards bashing and ridiculing the Romney grandchildren because one of them happened to be black.  Here’s a flashback ……. MSNBC: HARRIS-PERRY AND PANEL RIDICULE MITT ROMNEY’S BLACK … Continue reading

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Happy Kansas Day!!!!! And, Boy!!! It’s Cold Outside!!!!

Happy Kansas day!!!!  And, yes, it’s cold outside!!! No, this isn’t a bash Al Gore post, he’s an idiot and hardly worth consideration.  This is only a tale of what I’ve experienced and what I know.  Today, across the nation, … Continue reading

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Shameless Sycophant Fan-boi Assclowning From LSM Figure …… Again

  The leftist propaganda arm is at it again.  These people disgust me. NBC Reporter Compares Obama to Injured War Hero If you made it through the end of the SOTU last night, you’ll know that the best part was … Continue reading

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Hmm ….. Maybe They Do Believe The Fed Will Taper …. Strike That …. The Fed Will Continue Tapering

Fed to reduce pace of bond buying by another $10B Or, at least, they say they will.  I’m suspecting there was some inside knowledge on this, because the slide renewed before this news was released, after it stopped yesterday.  I … Continue reading

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A Leftard Sees Reality? Zero Not Taken Seriously

He’s kidding, right? MSNBC’S HOWARD FINEMAN: OBAMA NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY AROUND TOWN MSNBC political contributor Howard Fineman said Tuesday in conversation with Hardball host Chris Mathews that “a president with a 43% approval rate isn’t taken seriously by anyone around … Continue reading

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Zero Actually Said That??? SOTU Hypocrisy And Irony!!

Well, thank goodness someone watched and took notes, so we didn’t have to.  Townhall picked up a few of the turds Zero left on the floor during his SOTU speech.  1. President Obama touted the pre-existing condition requirement in Obamacare … Continue reading

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