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LOL!!!!! Leftards Think Comedy Central Is A "News Outlet"!!!!!

This is hilarious.  Leftist polling group, PPP did a recent poll ……… Fox News once again most and least trusted name in news That, in itself, isn’t all that interesting.  Turns out, Repubs trust Fox more than any other news … Continue reading

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What??? Did The 10/10 People Become Education Advocates Down Under?

  Twitchy found this ….. ‘WTF did I just watch?’ Here’s what happens to Aussies who skip school   Now, Twitchy points out ….. “Set Yourself Free” was produced by a pair of Aussie filmmakers for the “Learn for Life … Continue reading

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Arctic Death Spiral Clearly Demonstrated By Having As Much Ice As Usual Over The Past 10 Years!!!!

source But, but, but……… You see, it was once explained to me that it wasn’t that climate doesn’t always change that has the lunatics up in arms.  And it isn’t that animals can’t adapt to a changing environment which has … Continue reading

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Breaking!!!!! US Still Spies On Marxists!!!!! Lunatics Upset US Was Well Informed During Negotiations!!!!

Hilarious!!!  Apparently, the lunatics at at the COP15 UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, are upset to learn the US ….  and other countries spied on their secret meetings during the negotiations which ultimately failed and ended in crying disillusionment.  … Continue reading

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LOL!!!! MSNBC’s Griffin Does Apologize!!!!

Apparently, they desperately wish to cling to their also ran status.  MSNBC President Phil Griffin Apologizes To Reince Priebus Over Tweet, Fires Employee MSNBC tweeted Wednesday night, “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the … Continue reading

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Oh The Whacky World Of The Euro Zone And Greece!!!

Greece: EU lawmakers probe bailout enforcers ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Government and opposition party officials are meeting with a European Parliament delegation visiting Athens to investigate whether international bailout enforcers caused unnecessary hardship among Greeks. The seven-member delegation led by … Continue reading

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Oxfam Opposes Jobs For Palestinians!!! Fires Actress Supporting Jobs For Palestinians!!!!

The absurdity of this notion is beyond me.  The only explanation I can come up with is that Oxfam is simply fun by a bunch of lunatic, racist, anti-Semitic nutjobs.  Scarlett Johansson steps down as Oxfam ambassador Oxfam International said … Continue reading

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Travesty Trenberth Releases Another Sophist Dishonest Paper ….. But, Still Manages To Score Own Goal!!!!

  Good grief!!!  And, this is what happens when you have a bunch of dishonestly constructed data sets.  Eventually, they’ll contradict the babbling inanity of the lunatics.  The Hockey Schtick has this …… Trenberth debunks himself: The oceans didn’t eat … Continue reading

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LOL!!! As If ….. RNC Calls for MSNBC Boycott!!!!

RNC Calls for MSNBC Boycott Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is launching a boycott of MSNBC over an incendiary tweet from the network that suggested “the rightwing” would “hate” a television ad featuring a biracial family, Breitbart News has … Continue reading

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It’s Racist When We Do It …… Meet Some Folks From Chicago

  Again, I’m not big on posting videos for a post, but, this is worthwhile to watch in more than a couple of ways.  One of the people interviewed notes that there are no Tea-partiers in Chicago, that it’s one … Continue reading

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