Travesty Trenberth Releases Another Sophist Dishonest Paper ….. But, Still Manages To Score Own Goal!!!!


Good grief!!!  And, this is what happens when you have a bunch of dishonestly constructed data sets.  Eventually, they’ll contradict the babbling inanity of the lunatics. 

The Hockey Schtick has this ……

Trenberth debunks himself: The oceans didn’t eat the global warming ‘missing heat’

Kevin “it’s a travesty!” Trenberth has published a new paper today in the Journal of Climate, which shows that the rate of change of global ocean heat content hasdecreased since ~2001, contradicting his prior claim that the ‘pause’ of global warming can be explained by an increase in the rate of ocean ‘missing heat’ uptake.

They then post one of the graphs from the paper …..


Now, clearly, as the graph shows, the rate of heat uptake is diminishing after about 2001, not increasing.  Of course, there’s only a gadzillion things wrong with this graph and the many others along with the information presented in the paper.  The first being the presumption that we know what the OHC is.  We don’t today, we certainly didn’t know what it was in the “base period” (1958-65).  This model being used by Trenberth is used only because it agrees with a bunch of other lunatics’ models presuming to know what the OHC was 5 decades ago.  It’s stupid.  But, this is much of what the Global Warming lunacy is based upon ….. crap that no one can objectively state that we know.  It’s based upon utter fantasy. 

Still, it’s hysterically funny to see the own goal being made here.  Well, it’s a peer-reviewed paper so the lunatics have to accept this as objective fact, amirite? 

Here’s part of the conclusions from the paper ……

While    previous    estimates    of    OHC    changes    over    time    have    revealed    an    overall    upward trend,  their    agreement    with  regard    to    interannual    and    even    inter-decadal    variability  has been    lacking.  An    obvious  key    issue  is  the    extent    to    which  the    main    large    climate    signals associated  with    volcanic    eruptions    and    ENSO    are    clearly    evident    in    the    OHC    tendencies.  ORAS4    has    clear    volcanic    signals    following    Mt. Agung    (1963),    El Chichón (1982) and Pinatubo (1991) eruptions,  but    they    are    not    as    clear    in    other    OHC    reconstructions,    in    part because    of    inadequate    temporal    resolution.

Understand the logical acrobatics necessary to come to such conclusions.  It’s insane to believe any of this.  They’ve come up with a model which gives us better temporal resolution  for the information of which we don’t know in the in the first place. 

The lunatics live in a world of coloring books, unicorns, and monsters under the bed,a nd pretend their scientists investigating such. 

h/t Dirk

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5 Responses to Travesty Trenberth Releases Another Sophist Dishonest Paper ….. But, Still Manages To Score Own Goal!!!!

  1. HankH says:

    Further proof of global warming!!!! /sarc

  2. philjourdan says:

    I like the video of the goalie backing into his own net with the puck in his pants. 😉

  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    But the global warming caused the global ocean warming caused the global cooling caused the global ocean cooling. It’s worse, reverse back worse, reverse back again worse than we thought.

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