Breaking!!!!! Sea Level Rise Is Still Not Accelerating!!!!!


Still!!!  I know, it’s weird but, in spite of all the melting and thermal expansion claimed, sea level rise is not accelerating!!!

As pointed out previously, NOAA was playing with some tidal gauges from PSMSL.  241 of them scattered around the world.  Now, it’s difficult to say how much things are accelerating or decelerating because each gauge has a different start and stop point, but, one can, with a fair amount of certainty, discern whether or not the rate of rise is or isn’t accelerating.  It’s just difficult to say how much. 

For decent representation, I thought I’d divide up the gauges by the stop year.  For instance, NOAA has 42 stations whose records ended before the year 2000.  I placed them in one group, and stations that ended in the 2000s and the ones who ended in 2010 or is current through 2011.  The thought being that if the SLR was accelerating in any significant manner, then we should probably see this reflected in these groups.  Here’s how it came out ……


The other groups are represented by 53 stations ending in the 2000s and 146 in the later.  Note the marked decrease in the stations most current.

Interesting.  Now, I’m aware people could play with these can garner just about any outcome they wish, but, that simply points to more of the lack of evidence of accelerating SLR.  

And, while I don’t trust the numbers of the satellites, even they demonstrate no acceleration. 

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10 Responses to Breaking!!!!! Sea Level Rise Is Still Not Accelerating!!!!!

  1. kim2ooo says:

    So tell me / us about the “BLACK MOON” on Jan 30. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. philjourdan says:

    Yet that is one of the “catastrophes” that many of the ignorant try to claim.

  3. HankH says:

    I still think they could open a down-hill surfing park off the east coast of Japan. I wonder how much that bulge adds to the alarmist’s claims of global SLR?

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