LOL!!! Econuts Are Very Slow Learners ….. Another Nutter To Follow!!!



An Italian adventurer will be packing his bags and moving to an iceberg in Greenland so he can reverse global warming. He plans on living there for eight to twelve months, which is the length of time he expects that his new home will exist before it melts into water.

In the Spring of 2015, Alex Bellini will bring his backpack, replete with 300 kilos of dehydrated food and some electronic equipment and his floating Kevlar survival capsule. This will come in handy down the road when he wakes up one morning floating adrift in the Atlantic Ocean.

Of course, that is if everything goes as planned. Last month, Russian climate change scientists aboard the 233-foot Akademik Shokalskiy learned a cold and lonely lesson about icebergs when they were trapped in the ice for three weeks off the coast of Antarctica. It took a rescue contingency of American, Chinese, and Australians icebreakers and helicopters to finally free the researchers from their icy prison. 

Ironically, the trapped scientists were on a mission to observe and report on the decline of polar ice, but to their chagrin there was quite a bit more than they had expected.

Bellini won’t let that episode get in his way of proving to the world that icebergs are melting, the seas ar rising, and coastal cities will soon be overwhelmed by the rising tides. “For me it’s a time to act, I will be alone,” he explains. However, not entirely alone; the Italian will, for short periods of time, be visited by writers, bloggers, and environmentalists which will form sort of a dream team of virtual global warmingists.

“I want to tell the story of how the ice can become icebergs, how the iceberg becomes water. I want to live on an iceberg for 12 months witnessing its last phase of life, the one that forces it to turn back to water,” Bellini declares. For the adventurer, it is an era of personal responsibility, and he has prepared himself for his journey to the tip of the iceberg. …..

Yes, nothing reverses global warming like proving to the world that, yes, icebergs truly do melt.  (I wasn’t aware this was controversial.)

I’m wondering if he ever ponders where the ice came from to become icebergs, hmm…….

And, what is it about nutters and inanimate objects?  An iceberg’s last phase of life, ironically, sees it form morphing from being inhospitable to life, to transforming into something necessary for sustaining life.  …….  Well, life as we know, things like rocks and stuff don’t really need water to be rocks, but, again, I seem to have a different view as to what does and doesn’t constitute live. 

Another example of some lunatic thinking inanimate objects have life …..


And, they describe Tea party people and Euro-skeptics are extreme and fringe, while they take these lunatics serious. 

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38 Responses to LOL!!! Econuts Are Very Slow Learners ….. Another Nutter To Follow!!!

  1. Me says:

    😆 What else can ya say, I think Goddard had something on that at his site err someone posted it there, and Steven said something about hairy palms err something.

  2. Me says:

    James Shoot out Cameron, should take this dude down to see the real Titanic so they can make a game plan.

  3. BC says:

    Apparently this idiot hasn’t spent much time studying up on icebergs. They flip over, quite quickly, on a regular basis as their center of mass changes from melting. I’d pay good money to have a live feed when that happens while he’s banging away on a bongo in a drum circle-jerk with his fellow EcoTards! 😀

  4. rg says:

    i’m planning on doing a study to show that the rapid increase in temps that we will experience in march/april, will prematurely thaw my farm pond and i should be able to fish earlier at my cabin.
    If I could possibly get a grant or some corp. sponser.. I would be more than willing to sacrifice my career and spend the next 8 months documenting the changes that i experience — hell, i’ll even use a go-pro.. won’t need anyone to drop by and check up on me….. I think that might artificially
    effect my study.. My wife says no, but i think if i get a big enough grant she might agree.
    Send any donations to WTF!.com
    Heck, IF this shows promise i might even stick it out through deer season

    just a serious side note — I KS thaws by march – This if frickin cold

  5. Me says:

    Tell Me that isn’t his orange and white punt in that pic, it looks like the one man version of the Reggie sponsored 4 man punt that failed.

  6. Anything is possible says:

    Polar Bear food……..

  7. squid2112 says:

    First, this idiot isn’t aware that a melting “iceberg” does not increase sea level (ice cube in a glass comes to mind). And secondly, I find it appalling that these are the sorts of people that believe that icebergs are somehow “alive” and give such value to them, and on the other hand give no value to a truly living fetus and advocate the murder of babies.

    I am rooting for him to go down with the berg … online video me hopes….

    • Me says:

      They are from the same that think the earth is alive, nothing changes but the name and how their ethics can suck others and their hard earnings in.

  8. Jim Masterson says:

    I hope Bellini takes volleyball Wilson on this sojourn–it helped cast away Tom Hanks. If not, maybe he’ll find the one Hanks lost. Come to think of it, maybe Tom Hanks will join Bellini.


  9. philjourdan says:

    Last I checked, all icebergs melt – even during glaciation. Perhaps he meant to live on a glacier? But then he is Italian.

  10. Jason Calley says:

    This iceberg will not flip; not if Mr. Bellini gives off really good vibes and thinks loving thoughts. The iceberg will try to remain stable, knowing that a sincere nature loving human is riding its back. On the other hand, if Mr. Bellini accidentally muses for a few seconds on clear cutting of old growth forest, the ice berg is liable to toss him off like a rabid bronco with a crack pipe hidden in its feed bag.

  11. DirkH says:

    I put baby icebergs in my drinks and watch them die. Does that make me a bad person?

  12. nomoregore says:

    awesome video. Had to pass that on…. I tried to find the Penn and Teller one with the lady and the rocks in her backyard…. I think it’s in this one…

    • HankH says:

      It was worth watching all the way through. Ten things struck me as being evident about alarmists:

      1) Alarmism is driven by emotionalism
      2) Most activists are less concerned about the environment. They’re anti-capitalists.
      3) They have no regard for science.
      4) They despise technology but are ardent users of it.
      5) They have no clue what they actually stand for.
      6) They’re all clueless joiners – they’ll waste their time and money to feel good.
      7) In words vs. action, they’re hypocrites.
      8) They don’t work towards solutions. They seek funding.
      9) They make stuff up with no regard to fact.
      10) They have no tolerance for any view other than their own.

      Yep, that pretty much describes alarmists I know.

    • DirkH says:

      Re Patrick Moore’s appearance, WUWT just tracked down how and when Greenpeace disappeared him from the list of founders on their webpage. (In about 2007)

      • HankH says:

        Yep, the econuts are cast from the same mold as Stalin. They revise anything in history (or present) that they don’t agree with.

        I’ve always identified as a lay environmentalist – organized volunteer groups to do environmental cleanup and such. But worthy environmentalism has been hijacked and destroyed by these clueless political snot wipes. They’ve extorted the money that used to go to effective programs to fund their feel good, do nothing, BS organizations.

  13. HankH says:

    An Italian adventurer will be packing his bags and moving to an iceberg in Greenland so he can reverse global warming.

    I find it amazing that one man floating about on a melting piece of ice can reverse global warming. He must be more powerful than King Canute Obama.

    I hope no poley bears pay a visit. They’ve been known to swim up to 50 miles for a tasty meal.

  14. Lars P. says:

    Hm, I wonder how yellow will that poor iceberg look like after 1 month, 2 month,…?

  15. HankH says:

    As always, I always hope no harm comes to this guy. Still, one can only sit and watch stupid unfold. I predict another rescue in the making.

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