CNN ….. Pitiful


One of those in the picture ….  I …. you can’t  …… oh, hell……




Now, don’t ever, ever, do that again, you jerks!!!


h/t Twitchy

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12 Responses to CNN ….. Pitiful

  1. philjourdan says:

    Only a moron would not recognize Frank.

  2. I. Lou I forgot ee says:

    Two dicks who think their dicks make them better and bigger dicks. There has to be Dago Sicilian Mustafa blood in the mix, somewhere, somehow. Here’s the latest from the best band that has ever graced the face of the earth–Chicago! They obviously don’t like Muslims, you know, the religion of pieces.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Well our Biebs was driving a half million dollar Lambo very fast while pissed as a newt (strine vernacular).

    I’d say that he beats Frankie this time, also is lucky to be still walking this earth.

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