LOL!!!! Zerocare The Hotel California For Insurance!!!


‘Parallel universe’: Woman spends 6 weeks trying to disenroll from ObamaCare

Missouri resident Lesli Hill learned the hard way that terminating an Affordable Care Act plan can be far more difficult than navigating the website to buy one. She spent six weeks being bounced from operator to operator, calling the help line, using the online chat, blasting out emails to anyone who would listen, before ultimately driving to Kansas City last week to enlist her insurance company’s help. Only then was she able to break through the bureaucratic logjam, and cancel her policy.  …..

Hill’s troubles started last fall, after the high-risk pool coverage she had was discontinued due to the health law. For lack of options, she went on the exchange and bought a policy with a $950-a-month premium.

She wasn’t thrilled about it, but at least she was covered. 

However, shortly afterward Hill, 62, learned she could once again purchase an individual plan — with better benefits — outside the exchange. She checked with Blue Cross Blue Shield in early December and was told she’d have to cancel her ObamaCare plan first. 

“At that point, I hadn’t paid my premium … so I thought okay, that’ll be easy to do,” she said. 

Ostensibly, yes. She tried using a simple “terminate button” on the website — but it wasn’t working. 

Thus started what we’ll call the journey. 

Hill first tried the help line, and “literally was on hold for several hours a day,” she said. After multiple attempts, without much luck, she tried the online chat. She was redirected back to the help line. The “script” that operators were reading from did not seem to address how someone could actually cancel a plan. 

Hill continued to call the help line around the holidays, and eventually was given the impression that, at last, the plan was terminated. 

But then, a $950 premium was withdrawn from her account — which she knew meant she was still enrolled.

Eventually, she got out of the Zerocare hell.  But, as the article points out, how many people would have the ability and endurance to do such?  Eventually she drove to KC to where BC/BS was and had them navigate getting out. 

How many people have an extra $1000 laying around for the government to confiscate.  It’s like one of those scams which you can never cancel!!! 

Well, there’s only one thing left to add to this post ……


h/t Phil

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6 Responses to LOL!!!! Zerocare The Hotel California For Insurance!!!

  1. Me says:

    That’s too crazy, it’s a good thing they shut down government services so they wouldn’t have to change or delay this roll out. Must be Bush’s fault again err something.

  2. philjourdan says:

    I like my analogy better – Roach Motel. Bugs check in, but they cannot check out. Which is all people are to this administration.

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