HuffPo And Their Sophist Stupidity

Maybe I’m just cranky, today.  Maybe I’m just tired of reading abject stupidity.  I keep reading stuff and I keep saying to myself over and over again, “they can’t really be that stupid!!”.  But, I fear, they are. 

So HuffPo, as you would imagine, has gone all in at the notion of raising the minimum wage.  And, with such advocacy, we see propaganda from HuffPo. 

Now, for HuffPo, I give an exception.  Most of the authors and readers are not all that evil.  Sure, some are.  And, all of them seem to have a misanthropic tendency, but, most are more simple, sophist, and, frankly, stupid.  They’re incapable of complex thought.  Well, they’re incapable of pretty simple thought. 

For an example of their stupidity and propaganda towards the minimum wage, we see crap like this …….


Now, I don’t uncritically accept these numbers.  I’d love to see how they came to this conclusion, but, for now, let’s pretend they’re true. 

We see the 10 states which have raised the minimum wage, and some pinheads have decided to quantify the jobs impact.  HuffPo and their source say these minimum wage increases provided nearly 1600 more jobs!!!!  Yea!!!!!  WEEEEEE!!!!!!  That’s great!!!!!!

Now, how much did that cost each and every resident of those states?

Wiki has this to say ….

Among those paid by the hour in 2012, 1.6 million were reported as earning exactly the prevailing federal minimum wage. About 2.0 million were reported as earning wages below the minimum.

People whose jobs allow for tips make a lower minimum wage. 

From the map, we see diverse populations.  Let’s assume of the 10 states, in the aggregate they follow the rest of the US, in other words, let’s attribute 1/5 of the numbers above to be the amount of minimum wage earners and below.  So 1/5 of 3.6 million is 720,000 workers who got raises. 

Now, the wages vary from state to state, for instance Washington’s minimum wage is $9.32/hr, while Misery’s is $7.50/hr.  Let’s split the difference and say the average raise, from $7.25/hr was $1.16/hr.  Yes, we’re making broad assumptions, but, we’re just looking for ballpark here in an exercise to demonstrate HuffPo’s stupidity.  So 1/5th of the nation’s population of minimum wage workers got nearly and average of $1.16/hr raise.  To make the math easy for the lunatics and for fudge factor in generosity to the calculation, let’s just round it down to $1/hr.  Now, we’ve 720,000 people with an average of $1/hr raise.  This would, assuming a 30 hr work week, put the cost of that to $1,123,200,000. 

Yep, assuming the 1580 jobs created is accurate, that only cost $710,886 per job created!!!! 

Now, who pays that?  Well, mostly the poor and middle class.  The super rich?  I almost never see them at McDonalds.  The POW, (people of Wal Mart), I almost never see them pull up in their Rolls or other limos. 

You see, this doesn’t create jobs because this money is subtracted from the money which would have otherwise created more jobs than the massively absurd cost of nearly $3/4 million per job!!!!  Won’t this be grand when the rest of the states are forced to extract this wealth from the lower and middle class people!!! 

But, HuffPo, their readers, nor any of the other leftards ever consider this.  They think the money comes from heaven.  But, someone always pays the cost.  For minimum wage, it’s mostly the lower and middle class who bear the brunt of the cost.  The businesses, if they don’t shut down, will simply pass the cost on to the wares they sell. 

BTW, by all reckonings, from what I can see, we will get a minimum wage hike.  It’s an election year and the majority of the people support it.  Most of them support such a measure because reality never enters the conversation. 

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17 Responses to HuffPo And Their Sophist Stupidity

  1. Bruce says:

    I don’t think the 11 million or so illegal immigrants are getting the minimum wage.

    The demand for low wage jobs in things like fruit picking and domestic service remains, and the supply of people willing to take them remains. All it does is provide more incentive for certain employers to find innovative ways to break the law and bribe officials to look the other way.

    Meanwhile it puts out of business the honest employers who aren’t willing to break the law. Typical lefty policy.

    • suyts says:

      Even still, the wages of the illegals will go up because of the greater incentive to become legal. That said, Bruce, there’s really not very many who do that, anymore. Maids, but, then, how much is room and board worth? Maybe some farm harvesters. But, then I never got paid minimum wage when harvesting, either. It’s paid dependent upon the harvest and the prices. In the construction business, I got paid better than they did, but, they were paid above minimum wage.

      Either way, the cost of the raising wages still remain. But, there may be some who don’t have their wages increase for the reasons you stated.

  2. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
    Most of them support such a measure because reality never enters the conversation.

    They put the money in their front pocket… while the pick-pocket attacks their wallet.

  3. philjourdan says:

    How many slaves at Huffpo search for the highest price to pay when buying a loaf of bread? Do they not realize that to pay less than the maximum is to deprive some schmuck a living wage?


    • suyts says:

      Phil, you know they’re not that smart to figure that out. I’ve no doubt they would be such hypocrits, but, honestly, do you think they can think that many steps ahead? They’re the same dumbasses who bought at WalMart because Montgomery Ward was charging too high of prices. Now, they bitch about WalMart because their pay isn’t much. But, truly, I don’t believe they’re smart enough to make that connection.

  4. G. Watkins says:

    Socialists believe money, like spaghetti, grows on trees to be plucked when needed.
    A famous, in the UK at least, Panorama programme produced a brilliant April 1st spoof, circa 1961, showing Italians harvesting the dangling pasta from the special trees! Believed by a large % of the population, cf Orson Welles radio broadcast.
    The UK Chancellor, Osbourne, raised the minimum wage today on the back of our ‘recovery’.
    Tata Steel warned the Welsh Assembly that they expected a return on their considerable investment into Wales but this was being jeopardised by energy costs 50% above competitors in other countries. Vince Cable says they are working hard to reduce energy costs but they will have to check with the EU to make sure the solutions are legal.
    Our politicians are stupid.

  5. leftinflagstaff says:

    But…but.. it feels soooo much like wealth-redistribution. Taking from the rich business creeps! It’s as good as mother’s milk to them. They don’t stop to think that the milk is gonna cost them more, along with everything else.

  6. Latitude says:

    they said “the equivalent of”….
    …I would bet you it’s based on monies spent

  7. Tom In Indy says:

    I went and looked at the article, it has to be one of the biggest pieces of tripe ever written about the benefits of raising the minimum wage.

    Why do they only consider aggregate employment? The focus of the study should be changes in employment for the demographic groups most likely to earn the minimum wage. Tell the 50% of inner city blacks in the 18-25 age group who don’t have a job that the minimum wage is going up. I’m sure they will be thrilled(sarc), since it will just make it harder for them to find a job, and easier to turn to crime as a source of income.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t some union contracts based on the minimum wage, so that union wages go up dollar for dollar with the minimum wage?

    The big name lefties and their media pals don’t give a rip about minimum wage workers. They are desperate to find a hot button issue to ignite the liberal base. They would like nothing better than to create another false narrative about a conservative war on the poor.

    • suyts says:

      When your base is minimum wage workers, it’s easy to do. And, yes, some union jobs are based upon the minimum wage….. others the prevalent wage. The imbeciles don’t realize that the more minimum wage workers, the closer they get to the prevalent wage.

      I’ve a couple of daughters who work their ass off. One lives near me, where the wages are depressed. She’s worked her way up and now earns a few dollars more than minimum. What happens to her work ethic when people are going to get a raise nearly equal to what she’s making?

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