Ouch!!! Senate Watch!!! Kay Hagen Behind Against Every Possible Candidate!!


Well, if the Repubs don’t do anything massively stupid (yes, a long shot) they should have one in the bag! 

As we all know, this is a mid-term election year, with the balance of the Senate in question.  At this point, Repubs are expected to retain the House.  If they gain the Senate, they can end Reid’s reign of terror of the Senate and start working with the House of Representatives to end Zero’s arbitrary rule over the American people.  Repubs only need 6 more seats to win the majority. 

Poll: Kay Hagan Trails All Republican Challengers

The poll was done by the leftist PPP.  You can find details here.  As reported earlier, it’s interesting to note that Zero is in North Carolina delivering an economic speech (which is hysterically funny considering the source) and Hagen is skipping the speech in her home state. 

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5 Responses to Ouch!!! Senate Watch!!! Kay Hagen Behind Against Every Possible Candidate!!

  1. nomoregore says:

    IF they can get the Senate… as soon as zero is out (via Military Coup is fine with me) the first order of the day should be fully audited voting process nationwide. No freaky electronic machines that magically change votes, no walking dead going to 10 different polling stations and voting repeatedly, none of it.

  2. philjourdan says:

    As I mentioned earlier – NC flipped back. Hagan is out.

    Winning the senate however will still be hard.

  3. Bruce says:

    The problem with such generic polls is you can’t do smear adverts against “every possible candidate”.

    As soon as the Republicans pick a candidate OFA will invent something to target and will go at it over and over and over. Then the poll numbers will close.

    I expect she’ll fail because while ordinary people vote based on the last thing they heard, they vote even more based on who screwed them most recently. Which would be a certain Mr Obama and his wonderfully Affordable Care Act.

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