Bizarro World!!! 11 Squad Cars Sent To Bieber’s House For Egging Neighbors!!!!


Okay, so I don’t keep up with the comings and goings of the people in the entertainment industry very well, so this was news to me.  Apparently, Bieber thought it would be great fun to egg his neighbor’s home.  And, apparently, the neighbor rightly called the county sheriff’s office.  The response?

No regrets over show of force at Bieber mansion, says LA Sheriff’s office

Lt. David Thompson, who sent 11 squad cars and a dozen detectives to execute a search warrant …..

Now, I’m all for getting after Bieber for his douche baggery.  But,  …..

…. at the heartthrob’s $6.5 million Calabasas mansion Tuesday after a neighbor complained he egged his home, told he pulled back a SWAT team, and wishes he had ordered more officers to the scene.

For egging someone’s home ……

“I’m being criticized for having too much, but I don’t think I had enough,” said Thompson, adding that Bieber’s property is 10,000-square feet with a “humongous” garage and guesthouse.

But, the complaint was for egging someone’s home ……

“We were dealing with three locations,” he said, “And we had no idea how many people were in that house. He [Bieber] has had so many people in there before — some tied to guns, drugs and all kinds of things.

Wait!!!  Let me understand this.  The complaint was that they egged someone’s home.  So, some people have ties to *gasp* guns.  …… as do millions of law abiding, non-violent Americans.  Drugs?  You mean spoiled starlet children like Justin Bieber take drugs?!?!?!  Say it isn’t so!!!!! 

So, in response to the complaint of allegedly egging someone’s home the people at Bieber’s were thought do what? …… Shoot it out with the sheriffs?  I can just see it now …… ‘You’re never going to take me alive, copper!!!!!!  No way am I letting you bring me in for the crime of egging someone’s home!!!!  I’m can’t do the time for that!!!!!’

What???  And, what, exactly were they searching for?  Eggs?  And, as far as he locations and the area of the property, unless Bieber’s neighbor’s home circumferences Bieber’s property, I’m going to take a wild guess and say there was only a limited area from which the egging could come from. 

Yes, lieutenant, let’s save the SWAT team for more serious crimes like spitting on the sidewalk and TP-ing someone’s yard.  We’ll call up the Army reserves for shoplifting. 

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6 Responses to Bizarro World!!! 11 Squad Cars Sent To Bieber’s House For Egging Neighbors!!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Kind of like here. A kid got dumped by his girl, and skipped school. They locked down the school! Had half the police force at the place! They finally found the kid at a friends house. They arrested him. Yea, like that works!

  2. Latitude says:

    be thankful it wasn’t jaywalking!…..they would have droned them!

  3. suyts says:

    It’s as if they have no appreciation for what is and isn’t excessive. What the hell?

  4. kim2ooo says:

    Truth be known…They [ cops ] were all fighting to get to help serve Justin… [ bragging rights ]. Lt. David Thompson…didn’t want to disappoint his officers – so send them all. 🙂

  5. DirkH says:

    Public Waco re-enactment. Bring tear gas.

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