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Lost Albedo On Display!!!

  I was going to write a short post on the Southern Hemisphere sea ice, but, it’s a bit redundant.  It’s fairly common knowledge by all who care about the lunacy of caring ….. I mean other than the lunatics … Continue reading

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France’s Hollande Wins Victory For Socialist Lunacy!!!

France’s Hollande Gets Court Approval for 75 Millionaire Tax French President Francois Hollande received approval from the country’s constitutional court to proceed with his plan to tax salaries above 1 million euros at 75 percent for this year and next. … Continue reading

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As Predicted …. Fixed Website Doesn’t Prevent Zerocare Implosion!!!

So, great news!!!!  Team Zero has announced the website can now handle 83,000 users at a time!!!  They also had this to say!!! The administration said more than 975,000 Americans signed up between December 1 and the December 24 deadline … Continue reading

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The Revvvvv Jesse Jackson Still Getting It Entirely Wrong After Getting Slapped Down

I thought this was funny in a sad sort of way.  The funny part is right before A&E reinstated Robertson, Jackson was demanding stuff. In his statement, the 72-year-old civil rights leader demanded to meet within 72 hours with A&E … Continue reading

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NFL Sunday Football!!!!

Well, we’re heading into the final regular season games.  It’s been a rather strange season.  We saw some very slow starts from teams which are typically very competitive  (Steelers, Giants) and we saw some who looked poised to be powerhouses … Continue reading

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Grist Announces Climate Change Hasn’t Set In Yet!!!! But, When It Does …….. Snow(men) Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Grist moving back the onset of climate change!!!! Here’s the headline …… When climate change sets in, these will be the only snowmen we have left The article goes on to highlight some “artist’s” snowmen, as seen above.  Tony Tasset, … Continue reading

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Gems on the Sword — He Favors Me (And You!) — December 29

Guest post by Jeanette Andrade He Favors Me (And You!) December 29 Scripture Selection: Psalm 57:2; Proverbs 29:25-26; Acts 4:33 Food for Thought: Ps. 57:2 Let’s personalize today’s message of God’s favor so that we may apply it directly to … Continue reading

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CNN Media Correspondent — Media Overreacted To Boston Bombing

From the “you’ve got to be kidding” department. From Weasel Zippers ….. BRIAN STELTER, CNN SENIOR MEDIA CORRESPONDENT, speaking of the Boston bombing ……. In retrospect I wonder if there was an overreaction in the press because considering the relatively … Continue reading

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Some More Animals A Village Of Village Idiots Took To Raise

The runner-up in last month’s Minneapolis mayoral election was beaten, bloodied and threatened with death Thursday night after he chased down a man who stole his iPhone at a Mall of America Starbucks. Authorities have arrested the two female teenagers … Continue reading

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But, What If They Burned It Down And Did An Exorcism?

So, there’s this feminist singer chic having some weird retreat.  It’s right here ….. The lunatics are very unhappy.  No, not because she’s spending crazy money while people are on foodstamps, and no, not because she’s probably going to be … Continue reading

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