Because Nothing Says Humor Like Using Someone’s Black Grandchild As A Prop For Side Splitting Humor About Race


Dean, I don’t care if you apologize to anyone.  It isn’t sincere, anyway. 

So, Dean Obeidallah, kinda sorta apologized to the Romney’s for using their grandchild, who happens to be black, as a prop to attack the Republican party.  And, no, I’m not reaching or stretching, this is what he said.


My joke was about the lack of racial diversity we see at the Republican National Convention—a topic lampooned for years by comedians. Little tip to GOP: If you can fit the name of all black leaders in your party in one tweet, you aren’t racially diverse.

Oh, we’re back to that old canard. You see, it’s even more funny to marginalize Black Republicans.  I guess, Dean doesn’t know who these people are ……

image  image

And, that’s just off the top of my head.  I could and probably should keep going, but, time is  a consideration at the moment.  Are there more Black Dems than Repubs?  Sure, but, I think we’re well past the point of reality denying.  The fact is, Blacks are a very important part of the republican party and the conservative mix.  Lunatics like Obeidallah seek to marginalize the people above.  They hate the fact that there are and in increasing numbers, prominent Black conservatives.  It scares the hell out of the leftards.  And, this is why Obeidallah chose to use the Romney grandchild as a prop to attack Republicans. 

Leftards hate racial unity.  They seek to divide.  But, in order to achieve this division, they have to, they must, marginalize prominent Black conservatives.  They have to pretend they’re either completely insane, or they don’t exist at all.  So, leftarded haters like Obeidallah have to say and do the things like making a joke of the Black grandchild of the Romneys. 

Obeidallah is right, it wasn’t directed at the Romneys it was directed at all the loving and caring people in this nation who would be color blind and see people as people rather then shades of color on their skin. 

And, while I agree to Obeidallah that humor is subjective, there’s nothing funny about going on a news program and trying to use a Black baby as a prop for snide derision which isn’t based in reality.  Here’s how Obeidallah  finished.

With that said, let me be clear:  I want to sincerely apologize to the Romney family if anyone was offended by my joke.  I did not in anyway mean to attack the Romney family for adopting a child, which is truly commendable. Nor did I intend to mock baby Kieran in any way. I would never intentionally demonize people in that manner. (Melissa Harris Perry also apologized onTwitter.)

But, you just did, you idiot.  And, yes, it was intentional. 

And let me also be clear to the self-appointed right-wing pundits: I will never stop calling out the wrongs and hypocrisy of the right. Be it citing Jesus’ name to justify slashing programs that help the less fortunate, demonizing Muslims or gays for political gain, or trying to disenfranchise minority voters with voter ID laws. And for those jokes and comments, I can assure you, I will never apologize.

Hypocrisy?  Really?  No mirrors in Dean’s house. 

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9 Responses to Because Nothing Says Humor Like Using Someone’s Black Grandchild As A Prop For Side Splitting Humor About Race

  1. DirkH says:

    Never interrupt the enemy while he is making a mistake. Obeidallah (Obey Allah?) is doing a fine job exposing socialist progressivism. Encourage him, tell him he’s got a great sense of humor but he should be a little bit more unrestrained.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    ‘…for political gain…’

    He actually said that. Stunning.

  3. philjourdan says:

    He can’t apologize because he has no clue what he is talking about. Ignorance is not funny, it is pathetic. And the face of it is liberalism.

  4. Lars P. says:

    “disenfranchise minority voters with voter ID laws.”
    Am confused, is Obamacare disenfranchising minorities? Don’t they need to enter their id data to get insurance?

    • DirkH says:

      They’re onto something. We have voter ID laws in Germany, and we’re disenfranchised. Our votes don’t count because our laws are made by the EU commission. Don’t know how the voter ID does it but it’s the case.

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