LOL!!!! Leftards Fake Uproar Demonstrates Their Ignorance



So have you seen all the stories about Toby Keith and the (eye roll) huge “uproar” about stripping our 2nd amendment rights? 

When I first saw this I was going to investigate and write about it, but, then I thought, ‘naw, no one can be that stupid’.  As it turns out, there are some people who are indeed, that stupid. 

I’ve seen headlines such as this ….

Toby Keith’s Fans Outraged over ‘No Guns’ Sign Outside Country Star’s New Bar & Grill

Finding myself bored from watching my Cowboys implode, again, I decided to click on some of the stories of marginal interest. 

I’m glad I waited.  Hot Air provided more laughable information.  But, first, I’ll explain for some of those unfamiliar with rednecks and guns, because apparently, leftards don’t know about this. 

We check our guns at bars!  

I mean, how stupid is it to lie about gun rights advocates being upset about no guns being allowed in a bar?  I don’t know how they do it in Virginia, but, it’s really a good policy.  You typically don’t want a bunch of beer and booze drinking guys all packing heat. 

So, I knew there was something squirrelly with the story when I read the head line.  So, any pretend Toby Keith fan feigning outrage about no guns being allowed in the bar, get a life, we’re not buying the bs. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Fox’s own brand of link baiting and trying to stir up a controversy where none exists.  They did a better job by changing the designation of the bar and grill.  Fox transformed it to an “eatery”. 

No firearms policy at Toby Keith restaurant draws ire of gun rights advocates

Nice bait and switch, Fox, you jackasses. 

But, just to give you a sense about how vile and lazy our media is, Hot Air shows us this via the original story.

Some comments accuse Keith, who doesn’t own the restaurant, of being anti-gun.

To review. a private establishment can do whatever the heck it wants to do.  And gun advocate I know, knows and understands the wisdom of not allowing a gun in a bar.  And, if there was any poseur pretending to be mad at Toby Keith, get a life, it isn’t his bar, you twits. 

So, without further ado, I Love This Bar, by Toby Keith


Leave your guns in your truck, boys. 

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10 Responses to LOL!!!! Leftards Fake Uproar Demonstrates Their Ignorance

  1. Me says:

    It doesn’t bother me the least, it’s their business and they can run it the way they see fit.

  2. philjourdan says:

    There was a big controversy just a couple of years ago on the subject. The law stated no CCP guns allowed. But cops could. Problem – how does a bar owner know a plain clothes cop from a civilian? So they changed it. A plain clothes cop not on duty is a civilian.

    So they rewrote it that you just could not drink, but could carry them in. Still it is odd when you think about it. A concealed gun is no less deadly than an open carry. And last I checked, Virginia has not had a bar shoot out in many years.

    Gun owners (the legal ones) are much more responsible than the population at large.

  3. Bruce says:

    If I lived in the US my bank balance would be much poorer, because I would be forced to buy a .905 so that I could ostentatiously check it in whenever I went into a bar.

    A .905 never needs to be fired as it can explode a lefty head on sight just by its existence.

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