Job Opening In Wichita!!!!


Arrest made in attempt to bomb Wichita airport, FBI says

A Kansas man who authorities say in the past made threats to engage in violent jihad against the U.S. was charged Friday for allegedly plotting to detonate a car bomb at the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.

Terry L. Loewen, 58, an aviation technician at the airport who lived in the city, spent months planning the attack and was going to use his access card to drive the vehicle  loaded with explosives to a terminal, Barry Grissom, the U.S. attorney for Kansas, said, citing the criminal complaint. He planned on dying in the explosion as a martyr, Grissom said.

The complaint says an undercover FBI employee told Loewen about a recent trip overseas and a meeting with members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. This undercover officer told Loewen that “brothers” were interested in his airport access and asked if he’d be willing to plant “some type of device,” the complaint said.

Loewen allegedly responded, “Am I interested? Yes. I still need time to think about it, but I can’t imagine anything short of arrest stopping me.”

Disgust ….  anger ……  and a whole bunch of other emotions run through me now.  I’ve a daughter scheduled to fly into Wichita soon. 

I say, let’s help him achieve martyrdom, but, more slowly than he anticipated. 

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3 Responses to Job Opening In Wichita!!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Looks like another Buffalo 7.

    Hurray for our TSA! Wait – they were not involved again.

  2. DirkH says:

    At this point I don’t believe anything coming from the US govt or one of the three letter agencies; sorry, no credibility.

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