A Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Leftarded Climate Crazy


Does Joe look confused?  Yes?  That’s because he is.  Check out this idiocy.

Is Every Day Black Friday? How Climate Inaction And Hypermaterialism Betray Our Children

Let me first say, the display some Americans put on after Thanksgiving is deplorable.  But, Romm confuses daily consumption and standard of living with materialism. 

Black Friday has become an orgiastic celebration of hyper-materialism.

Black Friday is a sort of reverse “Hunger Games,” an annual ritualized competition, but one built around overabundance, rather than scarcity. It is perhaps the inevitable outcome of a country whose citizens are commonly referred to as “consumers.”

So what better time to think about how the global economic system is a Ponzi scheme, an utterly unsustainable system that effectively takes wealth from our children and future generations — wealth in the form of ground water, arable land, fisheries, a livable climate — to prop up our carbon-intensive lifestyles.

Wait!!!  Did you read the emboldened part?  Did you read the link?  The lunatics are saying they’re concerned for our future generations, and that we’re taking the wealth of the future and spending it now.  Hmm…..  and Romm ties that to materialism.  Before I go any further, I want to put this out …….

Definition of money (n)

mon·ey [ múnnee ]

  1. medium of exchange: a medium of exchange issued by a government or other public authority in the form of coins of gold, silver, or other metal, or paper bills, used as the measure of the value of goods and services

Now, I don’t blame Jeo for not being able to make this connection, because most leftards cannot.  The more I think about this, the more I’m convinced that it is a mental deficiency which causes people to become leftards. 

But, for the econuts, I’m going to try to go slow.  For the people who may be pedantic about economics, just bear with me. 

You see, Joe’s right, in a sense.  We are taking wealth of our future generations and we’ll leave them impoverished.  Joe doesn’t realize it, yet, but, if he was any smarter, he’d make the circle and understand real conservatism. 

Now, this is known, each time any entity, takes on a debt, that is consuming now, for the promise of future payment later.  This is what money is for.  I carry with me a certain amount of money.  What this money represents is something I can use or consume.  Each government deficit incurred simply creates consumption and use. 

It is true that Joe is very confused as to what is and isn’t consumed.  But, he’s right, we’re taking from our future and spending (aka using and consuming) today.  Let me make this bold but, clearly true statement, there is no better ecological advocate than a conservative

Each debt must be repaid.  It isn’t always necessarily the debtor, but, each debt has to be repaid.  So, each government deficit forces the consumption of now to be repaid in the future.  It has to be so.  Currently, the US has a debt of about $16 trillion.  What this means is that at some point in time in the future, likely over a lengthy period of time, we are today, forcing the children of tomorrow to provide for our consumption today.  This, of course, can take many forms, but, rest assured, it will take a form.  It may take the form of oil production, or crop production, or some other material form, but, it will be in some form. 

So, now that we’ve established that our consumption today is costing our future, let’s examine what Joe is wrong about.  Joe said this ….

…..takes wealth from our children and future generations — wealth in the form of ground water, arable land, fisheries, a livable climate

The notion that we can run out of, or consume water is the most utterly absurd notion the ecolunatics have ever put forth.   One simply can’t use it up.  It does move from place to place, but, then, it has always done so.  Arable land is another notion of similar stupidity.  It is true, we can render land in-arable, but, we can easily make it arable again, (not withstanding certain nuclear and chemical disasters).  It’s laughable.  Arable land is just land with certain chemicals in place, and others not present, and it depends on what it is you wish to sustain with the land which causes it to be “arable”.  We can no more run out of arable land than we can water.  Fisheries is the same.  It’s imbecility to believe we can run out of fisheries, heck, we’ve demonstrated that we can create fisheries, and we can do it quite well.  A livable climate is another stupid notion.  I surely wish the lunatics would get around to defining what they deem as an acceptable climate. 

Continuing on with Romm’s (and others) stupidity, Joe shows this bit of idiocy ……


There’s only a few things wrong with this basic graph, but, the most glaring is the downward slope of the bio-capacity per hectare per capita.  That has demonstrably increased over time, not decreased.  From crop production to efficiencies in nearly everything in our daily lives, it takes much less of the bounties of earth to sustain the people today compared to the 1960s.  And, it will continue as long as the existence of humanity continues. 

So, let’s review.  Romm thinks thinks we’re spending the future for today’s consumption.  this is true.  Our money is used as an exchange for goods and services to consume and use.  Every deficit of any government is consumption today for the promise of future repayment.  No, we can’t use up our water and land, it will always be there for us.  But, for every deficit, a repayment of consumption is required. 

If they just weren’t as stupid and short-sighted as Romm and the rest of the clown act, they’d realize that conservatism is the best thing for humanity in terms of wealth and ecological considerations. 

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10 Responses to A Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Leftarded Climate Crazy

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    And again, his assumption that even his definition of materialism should be applied to all of us. Not even a consideration that it shouldn’t. We must want, need, desire, strive for, exactly as he wishes. When government does it, it’s called tyranny.

  2. philjourdan says:

    He is shooting the messenger again. Black friday is not a day that is controlled by the mass marketers. It is simply an economic truism that has become a ritual for people looking to maximize the power of the dollar they have. Retailers want to sell you things. But if you do not want to buy, no price is going to get you into the store. Shoppers seek to get the most for their money, so they WAIT for the best price. Black Friday.

    We are stealing from future generations. We are stealing their capacity to live and work in a decent environment. The democrats are doing that every time they raise the debt limit. Joe Romm is doing that every time he takes money for his shoddy work. Think Progress does that every time they waste money on their frauds instead of allowing it to feed the poor.

    • suyts says:

      Yep, they can’t seem to make the jump from money to what it represents.

      • cdquarles says:

        I have one problem with that definition of money (and it is not the dictionary’s fault … it is one of inarticulate and incorrect usage). The first part of it is correct. They should have simply stopped with medium of exchange. That’s what money is. Money can’t measure value. Money can only reflect the objective actions of the subjective and dynamic valuations internal to the actors. It can’t measure it. Governments don’t even create it, though they can codify it via the old English concept of common law.

  3. tom0mason says:

    Maybe Joe thinks we should be more like Venezuela and issue ” emergency powers” to prevent ‘excessive profits’ being made by retailers during Black Friday.
    Obama needs to go to Venezuela and talk to President Nicolas Maduro, don’t forget the toilet paper.

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