Wait!!! I’m Confused!!! I Thought Lefties Liked Vegetarian Diets????


So, HuffPo wrote a story about Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Pretty much they’re calling him a meany pants. 

Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has planned a particularly economical meal for the roughly 7,500 to 10,000 inmates in his jail system this Thanksgiving.

The meal comes in at a cost of just 56 cents per inmate, and its main entrée will be 24-cent vegetarian turkey soy casserole. Arpaio tweeted the Thanksgiving menu Wednesday morning. ….

Arpaio has “even stopped serving them salt and pepper” to save taxpayer money, according to the bio.

The average meal for an inmate in a Maricopa County jail costs between 15 and 40 cents, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office website.

In September, Arpaio implemented a vegetarian diet for inmates in an effort to save $100,000 on food costs for prisoners. He also announced in March a plan to charge inmates $1 for their meals, according to ABC15.

And, I thought the nutters declared salt bad for you.  In a unrelated, but, added part of the article …..

In a Veteran’s Day press release earlier this month, Arpaio announced another questionable jailhouse initiative called “Patriotic Jails,” which introduced an exclusively “bread and water” diet for 30-day periods of time as punishment for allegedly unpatriotic acts.

“Any defacement or vandalism of the flags by inmates comes with the penalty of bread and water. Ten inmates are currently on bread and water for this infraction,” Arpaio said in the press release.

Check out the sheriff’s tweet and the full menu for Thursday’s meal below:

It’s really not hard to not deface things. 

Sherriff Joe responded.


Which, is how you’re suppose to react to lunatics.  There’s an interesting part of the response. …..

Another effort Sheriff Joe has in mind will likely upset his detractors even more; namely, Arpaio intends to begin separating U.S. military veterans from other inmates. “These guys served our country,” he explained. “I want them to have special training, job programs, I want to have a program that helps them get jobs after they serve their time,” he said.

Sheriff Joe added: “I’m sure any effort to house veterans separately from the others will get the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] after me again, but these guys fought for our country and I want to do something for them.”

Never change, Sheriff Joe, never change. 

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7 Responses to Wait!!! I’m Confused!!! I Thought Lefties Liked Vegetarian Diets????

  1. DirkH says:

    Love the guy!
    But he should give the prisoners salt. It’s essential; you lose salt all the time when sweating and get muscle cramps when having too little of it, and worse after that.

  2. Bruce says:

    What a delicious article! So PuffHo, home of all things religiously green is now criticising a sheriff for a mandatory meat free day?

    And here I just read this morning about the climate Greens in Germany, who when they found a mandatory Veggie Day each week was electoral poison said that cafeterias should just implement Veggie Day without even asking. “Just do it, and don’t vote on it”.

    And also this week there is our old friend and journalistic climate warrior George Monbiot:

    Why I’m eating my words on veganism – again | George Monbiot | Comment is free | theguardian.com

    I tried it for 18 months and almost faded away. I lost two stone, went as white as a washbasin and could scarcely concentrate.

    Even for him the Green religion has hit a limit. And so HuffnPuff is saying the sheriff should now not save the world by asking his charges to do the right thing for Gaia is bad? Ah, what is hypocrisy these days that such an Augean sorry August outlet should forget their priority to the human race like this?

  3. philjourdan says:

    Actually, you have not kept up with the news. Salt is GOOD now – http://www.salon.com/2013/05/27/is_salt_really_so_bad_for_your_health_partner/

    Another one of those things that is essential to life – like CO2 and B12 (derived from MEAT).

    • cdquarles says:

      So much of what we think we know, medical care-wise, just isn’t so. Basic hygiene and vitamin/food/calorie deficiencies,excepted.

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