That "Myth" Seems To Keep Happening ….. Another Elderly Lady Attacked In Senseless Animal Violence


Just a random picture of elderly ladies. 

Brooklyn cops probe another possible ‘knockout’ after woman, 72, is punched

Police are investigating another possible “Knockout Game” attack in Brooklyn after a 72-year-old Russian woman was sucker-punched in the face on Monday, police sources said.

Mira Harpazi was making a trip to a pharmacy when a young man walked up to her around noon near the intersection of Vandalia Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave. in East New York and socked her in the mouth, the sources said.

The suspect said nothing to Harpazi, who was coming from Starrett City, and did not make an attempt to rob her, one law enforcement source told the Daily News. The suspect was described by the sources only as a black man in his early 20s.

The victim, who is Jewish, was taken to Brookdale Hospital and listed in stable condition, police said.

There’s more to read at the link. 

I don’t know who’s worse, or if there’s a measure of worse.  The animals, who needed hunted down like the dogs they are and dealt with, or, the animals who would lie to the American public and pretend these things aren’t happening. 

This problem needs addressed and fixed, quickly. 

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7 Responses to That "Myth" Seems To Keep Happening ….. Another Elderly Lady Attacked In Senseless Animal Violence

  1. Lars P. says:

    Where it did came to? – to see 72 old woman being punched in the face on the street! to see innocent people being “hunted” on the streets.

    And what do progressives like LA Times & Slate’s Emma Roller have to say about it? It is not a trend. What does Slate say in the link that you posted there:
    “The new scare is the “knockout game,” in which black youths supposedly attack innocent people just for fun”


    “nobody seems to have any evidence that it’s spreading, or that it’s new, or that it’s racially

    ok Emma, the “polar bear hunting” refers to what race?

    “six separate crimes in Philadelphia over the course of two years, which share nothing in similarity except for the fact that they involved black people.”

    Oh really this is all Emma?
    What puzzled me was that she had not a single word to condemn the crimes in her post. Not a single word!
    Therefore I mean, you are fully right James to take them accountable for what they say. Yes Emma should know that crimes are unfortunately committed by all kind of folks of different races as she says, however this is why she should condemn a crime when she sees it. To paraphrase someone: “period”.
    Not write apologetic nonsense.

    Those are leftards not progressives as you correctly say, they fully earned the attribute.

    • philjourdan says:

      I will agree it does not appear to be “racially motivated”. However the preponderance of evidence (called data for Climate Scientists) indicate it is predominantly performed by members of one race.

      And the racists are the ones that lie about it. Kind of like they did 100 years ago when they said there was no “Lynching”

  2. Lars P. says:

    And further rummaging on this, I think we come closer to define what a leftard is. Not sure it is yet in a dictionary but should come in soon.

    Leftard: To my understanding it is one of those persons for which political correctness goes above truth. Who do not believe in truth as absolute and real, but as manufactured by P.R. and try to manufacture their own political correct truth, not try to find out what is the reality.

    • DirkH says:

      The interesting thing is that they do not offer an explanation or suggest a solution; but try to deny reality and suppress information. Their own followers, the big city hipsters and hipsteresses, will get themselves punched in the face sooner rather than later.

    • suyts says:

      Totally agree, Lars. “Leftards” have a strong reality impairment.

    • cdquarles says:

      Yep, they’re delusional. They think ‘Utopia’ is a real place with real blessings.

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