You Know You’ve Overreached When Cruz And Lee Are Telling You To Calm Down


Ted Cruz extends olive branch to GOP senators

I have counseled and warned that some conservatives should not let great be the enemy of good.  I will continue to do so.  If this doesn’t scream “stop it”!!!  I don’t know what will.

Extending an olive branch to GOP senators, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is privately making it clear he won’t engage in the Senate Conservatives Fund’s hardball tactics to defeat his colleagues in their primary races.

At a closed-door lunch meeting of Senate Republicans Wednesday, the freshman conservative told his colleagues that he would not intervene in their 2014 primary fights or fundraise for the controversial outside group. Cruz added that the SCF’s decision to try to defeat sitting GOP senators in their primaries was its alone, according to several people familiar with the session.

According to one source familiar with the meeting in the Senate’s Mansfield Room, Cruz noted that Republican Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky wouldn’t fundraise for the group and promised that his image would be removed from its materials. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told Cruz that Paul took such an action six months ago, but he thanked the Texas conservative for doing so. Other GOP senators also thanked Cruz, sources say…..

The SCF, which used to be run by former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), vigorously attacked Republican senators for not backing the Cruz-led tactics of demanding that Obamacare be defunded as a condition for opening the government. And an SCF spokesman downplayed Cruz’s statements, noting it was an “independent, grass-roots” group.

GOP senators, angry that the Cruz tactics would fail, were particularly miffed that the two men continued to associate themselves with a group that was actively trying to defeat them in primaries. At an Oct. 2 Senate GOP lunch meeting, Cruz was asked point-blank by GOP senators if he would renounce the group and its tactics.

“I will not,” Cruz said, an attendee reported at the time…..

“Conservatives asked Mitch McConnell to lead the fight against Obamacare. He didn’t listen,” the group’s new 30-second ad said. “Instead, McConnell helped Barack Obama and Harry Reid fund Obamacare.”

The group is also targeting other GOP incumbents, including long-serving Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi, endorsing his primary challenger in that race. Ahead of the Oct. 1 shutdown, the group dropped $340,000 in an ad buy in Kentucky in which it said McConnell “refuses to lead” the fight against Obamacare, and also lashed Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Johnny Isakson of Georgia and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee across the airwaves.

Again, these people need to be a bit more politically savvy about what they’re doing and who they’re targeting.  A scorched earth tactic renders the earth useless for all. 

Graham, sure, nearly all conservatives want that lunatic out, but, I think going after Alexander is a mistake.  Tennessee still has a large Dem contingent in the state.  It’s very possible to defeat him in the primary and then lose the seat.  Don’t do that!  McConnell is another one.  Don’t do that. 

But, most importantly, there is a need for coordination.  You people expected 3 junior citizens to give instructions to the senate leader of the party?  You expected to give instructions to him?  Even if I agreed with the notion, and I were in his position, I’d tell you to skip up a rope, just out of principle. 

Actions and approaches matter.  You can’t go through life being entirely abrasive to people who  can be very potent allies.  Try a little tact.  Understand that you won’t always have complete agreement among conservatives, it’s just not in our nature. 

One of the most important things you have to do, especially if you want thoughtful conservatives on board, is to have a plan, be able to articulate the plan, and be convincing in persuading people that the plan could work.  So, you got a case of the ass because 40 other sitting US Senators didn’t jump when you said jump?  Are you stupid? 

A case in point, just for an example, is that we absolutely did know that the left would scream about default.  Did you arm these people with information on how to counter the argument?  Did you even know how to counter the argument?  I did.  I saw nothing from you guys on that.  How convincing can you be, in asking people to follow your lead, when you were seemingly entirely unprepared to counter a well-known tactic employed by the left?  It’s like going to battle against Napoleon with no answer to his cavalry or a flanking movement.  It is by the grace of God that the Dems were just as incompetent in laying out a strategy that you didn’t send people over a cliff.  Even still, you people have now lost some very important allies. 

If you haven’t got the memo from these events, yet, let me spell it out.  You’re now toxic.  You’re despised by moderate Repubs and you’ve got Paul, Cruz, and Lee walking away from you.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say you guys are being run by a Dem plant.  You’ve got a very short time to get it together.  Pull your heads out. 

Mitch McConnell isn’t all that I want him to be as a Senator and a Senate leader.  But, he’s not the enemy.  The enemy is on the other side of the aisle. 

To wield a sledge hammer, you need two things you don’t yet have.  One is the strength to wield it, and the other is the skill to use it.  Anyone who has ever used one knows this.   It’s isn’t the weight of the head which causes a sledge to be effective.  You have to strike the object, not just with force, but, square and precise.  It’s a difficult tool to use.  Don’t pick it up unless you know what you’re doing with it. 

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18 Responses to You Know You’ve Overreached When Cruz And Lee Are Telling You To Calm Down

  1. philjourdan says:

    “you people”????

    I have no dog in the race as my senator is a democrat. However, I think you are parroting Politico too much. No one demanded the newbies run the party. The party lost it when they ostracized the newbies! It is one thing to sit back and watch. It is another to join with the opposition and wield the sledge hammer!

    McConnell does not have to take warm showers with Paul. But he sure as hell better not be out their tying the knot in the lynching rope!

    • suyts says:

      Phil, I was referring specifically to the SCF. Regardless to the advocacy, and the desired results, they’ve executed poorly. They’re abrasive, demanding, and uncoordinated,

      I don’t know, I’m always of the thought that it’s best to do nothing than to do harm. I don’t believe McConnell is “tying knots” in the rope.

      Again, all you have to do is see that Paul, Cruz, and Lee are telling them to calm down. How bad is it when that happens? The SCF’s and others actions have cost those guys. There’s no getting around that. I happen to have hope that come 2016 I’ll be in a position to cast a meaningful vote for someone like Paul or Cruz, not just in the primaries, but, in the general election. A lot will happen between now and then, but, if this is the help they have to offer, like Cruz, Paul, and Lee, I want them to stop helping.

      In actuality, I want them to learn something. These can be great and meaningful organizations. And, we’ll need them in 2014 and 2016 if this nation is to right itself. We’re going to need them, and we’re going to need them at the top of their game. Not just in a vague directional advocacy, but in effective politics, with a planned strategy and thought-out tactics available.

      People like McConnell are malleable. It’s just his personality. People like McCain and Graham are not. People like Collins have never been friends of conservatives or even gave lip service to them. But, we’re going after Alexander? They even went as far as to disparage Tom Coburn? WTF? What’s next? Going after Inhofe because he’s not skeptical enough over the climate?

      When Tom Coburn complains that he’s being described as a RINO, something has gone horribly wrong.

    • kim2ooo says:

      Just 38% of voters “blame” Republican for the shutdown. 59% blame Obama or both parties equally. In the aftermath of the shutdown, voters view “Tea Party Republicans” more favorably then generic “Republicans” in Congress. This is stunning considering the amount of vitriol emanating from the GOP establishment and the media against Tea Party conservatives.

      Yes, the Republican brand is suffering in the polls. Not, however, for the reasons the establishment thinks. Republican voters are becoming disgusted with the party leadership. For all the right reasons.

      [ my bold ]

  2. kim2ooo says:

    Albeit; I agree with some of your points… i.e. having a plan about default… etc.

    it was not Mr Cruz or Mr Lee that attacked , viciously, another member of the Republican Party.

    What are you trying to save?
    I expect Republicans to disagree… IN PRIVATE!
    I expect Republicans to stand… UNITED – IN PUBLIC!
    I expect Republicans to… LEAD!

    Mr McConnell, Graham, and others that attacked…. need to put on their big boy panties.

    They are pizzed that contribution funds are going out of their coffers… YET, they wouldn’t be IF they would have, at least, not PUBLICLY attacked. BUT they saw it as a political maneuver – USED it… AND it backfired on them.

    • suyts says:

      Kim, while poorly worded, my post goes beyond the specific events. I’m not unhappy with the stand on Zerocare. This will, in the end have a positive effect. I’m a bit concerned about the expectations, and what played out behind the cameras.

      You’re right, Repubs should keep their mess private. But, that was neither the leadership nor Cruz et al. Both responses were to the SCF and Heritage, and others. Those were the triggers, not Cruz, not the House, and not team McConnell. But, again, I don’t want to get hung up on a specific event, other than it be instructive.

      It wasn’t that the contribution funds were going out of their coffers, it was that it was being collected to remove them. Here’s something that I would bet on. If McConnell and Alexander both lose their primaries, I’d bet that at least one of them will be replaced by a Dem. What have we gained if we gain that? Less people to caucus with? Can’t their focus and resources be put to better use?

      Let me show you something.
      Scroll down and look at the vote tallies. Count the Repubs in office.

      Look at this …..

      Look at how long the Dems had control of the House. Through the years, conservatives have been blessed with strong, good conservatives. But, ineffectual politics prevented conservatives from having a positive impact during the times when this nation so desperately needed it.

      Think of the damage Zero did when he had control of both houses.

      For all intent and purposes, if not nominally, we have 3 parties. Dems, Repubs, and Conservatives. Conservatives simply do not have the political clout to go it alone. Even if we do officially split and have a 3rd party, which I’m not necessarily opposed, we have to recognize that we can’t do it by ourselves. So why attack potential allies when obvious enemies are in front of us? What reaction should we expect from the RINOs? You, me, Phil, and everyone else who comes to this blog and many others absolutely know how they’ll react to certain stimuli. That McConnell would lash out to people who have lent their face to an organization who is actively working to unseat them is a surprise? Well, only to the SCF, I guess.

      • kim2ooo says:

        Yes, but Mr McConnell etc, was, and is, wrong. Here again, he’s blaming Mr Cruz etc for SCF.


        Cruz was asked point-blank by GOP senators if he would renounce the group and its tactics.

        Matt Hoskins, SCF executive director, said Wednesday that the group is an “independent, grass-roots organization, and we make our own decisions.”

        Hoskins pointed to a previous statement his group issued saying it would not ask its conservative allies, including Cruz and Lee, to back its favored candidates.

        “These are our endorsements, not theirs, and it’s time for Americans to take the lead and use the political process to change Washington,” the statement said.

        Mr McConnell, needs to understand, he faces this…because he helped cause it – active or inactions…

        Not because of Mr Cruz or Mr Lee etc.

      • kim2ooo says:

        THEY are asking Mr Cruz , Mr Lee to be loyal to the Party…. Loyalty – works both ways.

        AND THAT IS what the people didn’t see – loyalty… with the likes of McConnell… Sens. Lindsey Graham’s attacks. They were unnecessary and frankly, blatantly vile attacks.

        YOU Asked:
        What reaction should we expect from the RINOs?

        People are pizzed – what should RINO’s expect from their constituents who are pizzed?

        I think, it was HIGHLY insulting… for Old Guard GOP – to even ask them to renounce the group. Guilt by association of being Conservative?

      • suyts says:

        Right, Kim. That’s true. It was misplaced. And, yes, McConnell and many others did help cause this rift in the Repub party through their actions and inaction. I understand the frustration and anger. I have it, too. But, that doesn’t mean this should be the focus of the SCF. That doesn’t mean this is where our efforts and resources should be allocated. Sometimes, you just have to say, I disagree, and then move on to make your advocacy as most effective as you can.

        Much of the inaction by people such as McConnell is because of a certain timidity. They watch the LSM, they read WaPo, they break when the going gets a little rough. We all know this. They’ve done it time and again. How do you make people act more embolden? How do you get them walking erect, with their back straight and with a purpose in their gait? Do you beat them with the biggest stick you can find? Which is exactly what the SCF and Heritage was doing. Worse, they cut such a huge swath, that some, who are decidedly conservative, who share our own advocacy got caught in their animus.

        Again, I want these people to succeed. I want the SCF to help build us the best conservative group of senators this nation can possibly have. Sometimes, we can’t help what others are doing or not doing. Projecting strength and unity is paramount in the upcoming budget battle. It’s just two months away.

        One of the things people forget about Reagan was that he was a “big tent” Republican. It was only after he got them in the tent that he was able to build such unity among Repubs and advance the conservative cause.

      • kim2ooo says:

        suyts says:

        October 31, 2013 at 3:03 pm

        Right, Kim. That’s true. It was misplaced

        Why don’t they blame Bush…. It’s no different? We make great sport of Democrats doing the blame game.

        I agree, we need to unify the Republican Party. And we need more Conservative voices within.

        Do you beat them with the biggest stick you can find?
        No, but you don’t reward disloyalty / when they won’t stand erect …. either.

        The question here being… Did SCF lie? ““Conservatives asked Mitch McConnell to lead the fight against Obamacare. He didn’t listen,” the group’s new 30-second ad said. “Instead, McConnell helped Barack Obama and Harry Reid fund Obamacare.”

        • kim2ooo says:

          The fastest, most effective way, I see in closing the gap….

          Instead of Mr’s McConnell , Graham, Old Guard, playing the blame game………. Sincere apologies help.

          As long as they play the blame game… For their actions / inactions……..

          Mr Cruz and Mr Lee were doing EXACTLY what they were voted into office to do.

      • suyts says:


        “Conservatives asked Mitch McConnell to lead the fight against Obamacare. He didn’t listen,” the group’s new 30-second ad said. “Instead, McConnell helped Barack Obama and Harry Reid fund Obamacare.”
        I don’t believe this is the best approach. Those ads, they’re not free. And again, Kentucky has strong Dem leanings. There are more Dems in Kentucky than Reupbs. McConnell has the best name recognition. Essentially if he gets the Repub nomination, he’ll probably win. If he doesn’t, then all bets are off with a fair chance that he’d be replaced by a lunatic Dem. The SCF has to see this. And, make no mistake, Grimes is a lunatic.

        • philjourdan says:

          Kentucky is one of the most conservative states. Like WV, they do elect supposed “conservative” democrats at times, but those democrats always toe the party line.

          Kentucky may elect a democrat. A Mark Pryor or begich. But if the alternative is a Snow Collins or Graham, then it makes no difference.

          Kentucky also elected one of the most conservative senators. If we keep “settling” in order to “win”, we will never win. It is time to either stand for something, or just go along to get along. And that is the difference. You will never elect conservatives if you are afraid to elect them.

      • philjourdan says:

        Sure, we then get Mike Castles. Which are indistinguishable from Harry Reids. Yea, the republicans rule – but they rule like the democrats. That is no choice.

    • philjourdan says:


  3. kim2ooo says:

    I don’t believe McConnell is “tying knots” in the rope.

    Sure he was!

    Can you tell me why they attacked?

    What they attacked?

    They attacked Freshman Senators who admitted, throughout the 21 hours, that they didn’t have the votes.

    That used the time in a faux filibuster, to inform the public of the shady – backroom dealings of Obamacare.

    Why would a Republican attack that?

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