LSM Doesn’t Know Where To Jump To Distract From Zerocare Debacle!!! —– Benghazi!!!!

This is a fascinating development.  LSM, so eager to provide cover for Zerocare is now bringing things up for diversion in which after over a year, they showed no interest in covering. 



CNN is covered Benghazi today.  But, that’s after this incredulous event!

MSNBC Chris Matthews blasts Obama administration on Benghazi


You see what they’re trying to do.  We absolutely know they have no interest in the needless deaths of 4 Americans.  And, we’re not going to learn anything from their diversionary tactics, but, hey, if more people can be exposed to the callous, if not intentional evil by this administration?  Then so be it.  Matthews was, albeit obviously depressed, in decent typical Matthews form.  So, both of his viewers were able to be exposed to something they’ve never been before. 

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4 Responses to LSM Doesn’t Know Where To Jump To Distract From Zerocare Debacle!!! —– Benghazi!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    So, both of his viewers……………..ROTFL!!

  2. philjourdan says:

    Matthews is still being potty trained. I do not read, listen to, or report what that juvenile delinquent think, does or says.

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