LOL!!!! Another Thing Skeptics Were Right About!!! Climate Alarmism Tied To Mental Illness!!!


This is from a German leftarded periodical, so bear with the nonsense and the translation problems.

Horror scenarios promote depression

The psychological dimension of climate change and peak oil: Only those who are prepared specifically to disasters is being protected from psychological suffering. …..

There is a problem about that climate change is barely noticeable, so that man a “psychological distance” feels. To overcome this distance, apocalyptic versions however are not very helpful. Too drastic predictions, which has been tampered with, especially in the early days of the environmental movement in the 1980s, only increase the helplessness and inaction.

…. And Florian Kaiser, environmental psychologist at the University of Magdeburg, says: “With the threat scenarios we probably reached no rethinking.”

However, those who still close look at the possible consequences of climate change and peak oil, which runs the risk of becoming depressed, some are already calling it the “Doomer-depression”. This mental disorder results according to the Green Paper of individually perceived feelings of powerlessness.

But when horror stories do not shake, then how can be taught an environmentally conscious behavior? “To make people actually environmentally conscious is very difficult,” says Kaiser. Therefore, the policy attempts to date by means of environmental economic instruments to control the behavior. About by the price of petrol is increased or Ökoprämien for energy-saving appliances are in prospect.

Well, this part was missed by the leftarded environmental psychologist, so I’ll help a bit.  One of the biggest problems with the so-called environmentalist movement is that they’re not all that environmentally friendly.  Nor, are they very ecologically literate.  Many describe themselves as “green”, but, attacking atmospheric CO2 puts them squarely against the natural needs of our green planet.  Essentially, by wishing to limit our CO2 levels, they’re limiting the growth of our flora.  They are, in essence, saying that we have enough trees and plants.  How can one say that they’re “green” and be against what causes our planet to be green?  These lunatics would seem to prefer an ice covered planet.  While many of us doubt that we could control such a thing, neither do we think advocating such is a good idea.  The nutty shrink then does, unwittingly, hit upon another difficulty and is symptomatic of the mental illness.

Kaiser considers this approach, however, is problematic: “Who be environmentally responsible behavior only because of financial incentives, is indeed rich, but verkonsumiert this extra money again, because saving energy not originating from an inner conviction.” So it is with the so-called rebound phenomenon expected that eventually the environmentally friendly behavior makes destroyed again.

This is classic leftist green advocacy.  It isn’t whether or not what you’re doing is good or bad for the environment, to them it is much more important how you feel about it.  No rational person looks at things this way, but, this is the way the nutters behave.  They will easily excuse their spokespeople flying across continents and oceans to preach to people about flying and whatnot.  They would happily extort millions to pay for huge climate gathering fests while decrying an opulent lifestyle.  How many people can they sway by such actions?

Again, excuse the translation, but, this is another particularly funny paragraph which exemplifies what I’m saying. 

Worldwide, scientists are looking as an effective risk communication for all people might look like. For example, a recent study with bird watchers and gardeners under the direction of Janis Dickinson, a psychologist at Cornell University, New York, arise: described Become hazard for humans to climate change, this did not lead to behavioral changes in the subjects, but rather when drastic consequences for the birds were presented.

Bird watchers?  Gardeners?  If this doesn’t point to mental illness, I don’t know what does.  Bird watchers?  But, you advocate wind turbines.  But, the lunatics don’t see a disconnect.  Any serious gardener would be very dubious of the claims made about CO2.  And, most would understand the lunacy of the claims made about droughts, floods, soil content and what is necessary for food security.  But, this next paragraph says it all.

Apocalyptic visions are of course also in children taboo that we have learned from history that kids who have grown up in nuclear power plants with ozone depletion, deforestation and super-meltdown, the Berlin psychiatrist Horst Petri certified once a “poisoned childhood.”These were not to be world saviors, but in many cases to Workoholics apolitical.

I’ve written about this from time to time.  The lunatics, from as long as I can remember have wandered from one supposed end-of-earth scenario to the next, never coming close to fruition.  After a while, people will just tune you out.  You become known as the crazy uncle who lives in the attic.  Everything causes you to go into irrational fits.  Who in the hell would associate with such lunatics except more lunatics, which causes depression. Everyone else around you is depressed and the end is always very near. 

The article goes on to note a “High suicide rate” amongst the lunatics……. no kidding.  It goes on to explain that people who are most prepared for disasters cope the best.  Again, that’s a rather obvious observation.  But, how does one become comfortable in their ability to withstand a disaster?  Self-reliance and individualism.  But, once you achieve even partial self-reliance and faith that you, as an individual can cope, all of your alarmism fades away.  Your dependency and insistence that others conform to your thoughts all seem rather silly then. 

The No Tricks Zone has a good read on this and they better translate than my Chrome does. 

But, it’s long been known, now, that one can’t live in a constant state of depression or alarm and be a mentally healthy individual.  And, in that constant state, one tends to drive people away, except for the others who live in such a state, which leads to further depression and state of high anxiety.  Couple that with the fact that they’ve been entirely wrong on nearly everything they’ve posited, and what are you left with?  A bunch of lunatics which no one else wishes to associate with. 

h/t Climate Depot

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18 Responses to LOL!!!! Another Thing Skeptics Were Right About!!! Climate Alarmism Tied To Mental Illness!!!

  1. DirkH says:

    …and I’m surrounded by them…

  2. Latitude says:

    I found the original title…

    How to better con the idiots into believing you

  3. philjourdan says:

    Actually, reading it is the way I have learned to think considering all the years of foreign language I took. 😉

    But it all comes down to affluenza. If times were really tough, then we would not have a bunch of limp noodles wandering around trying to find out what they had to be sorry about. McKibben exemplifies the psychotic disconnect. People want to be victims, so they search for things to be victims of. Once they are a victim, then they can wallow in their self pity with a self assured smugness and not have to worry about someone calling them out for being self indulgent.

    if they had to earn a real living, they would not have time to worry about being a victim. Our leisure society has created leeches, but leeches with a conscious. They have to justify their parasitic nature through victimhood.

  4. Bruce says:

    You see this with some religions – especially the more autocratic ones.

    The believers think that the message is obvious and all people should therefore instantly accept it. Then when the people politely ignore them they get depressed and angry and decide to make the people believe. I’m thinking Marxism as well as Islam and climatism here.

    Christianity is different in that if someone politely rejects evangelism that is their choice (eg John 10:27). Biblical christianity does not behead a person for not converting. Or feed them cyanide laced Kool Aid.

  5. grown up person to believe in fairy-tales; must be a lunatic

  6. Jim Masterson says:

    “To make people actually environmentally conscious is very difficult,”

    The next step is re-education camps. It’s what happens when the lunatics are in change.


    • suyts says:

      Well, yeh!! Most people aren’t as malleable as they are, so you have to beat them or kill them until they conform to their thoughts!!!

    • DirkH says:

      BTW, taz, the newspaper that printed it, is a hard left green Berlin paper.
      I liked this description of an approach to make better, not depressed, alarmists:

      “”Inner and outer change are connected”, says Gerd Wessling, co founder of Transition Town Bielefeld. Therefore the initiatives have regular meetings, often with psychologists, during which the members can express their own desperation and hopelessness. (Remember they are talking of depressed alarmists; not generic depressives)

      “Frequently it is about expressing ones own pain about the destruction of the environment”, says Wessling. The movement partially references the Deep Ecology of Joanna Macy.”

      So let’s see.

      Ah, Heidegger! ROTFLMAO!

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