Shock News!!!! Scientists Discover Life Has Adaptation Mechanisms!!! :0


Yes, I know everyone things life is static and can’t and shouldn’t change, so, it seems weird that things could adapt and change with changes.  But, that’s what some super sciency fellow found out!!!

New research, led by Jean-Baptiste Raina, has found that coral are fighting back: coral can release a chemical, dimethylsulphoniopropionate (DMSP), that helps them engineer their environment and stave off global warming.

When DMSP is released to the environment, bacteria living in the water convert it into a different related gas, dimethylsulphide (DMS). DMS, the scientists say, can control the local climate by spurring clouds to form. More DMS means more clouds, and more clouds means cooler ocean waters for the coral to live in.

The discovery marks the first time that an animal has been found to produce DMSP. Previously, scientists thought it was the algae living in the coral that made the gas, but the new research found that the coral itself can churn it out. And, perhaps more importantly, corals’ DMSP production goes up when the coral gets stressed. …..

The idea of “DMS-as-climate-regulator,” says Hannah Waters for her blog, Culturing Science, “rose to fame when it starred in one infamous Earth-as-organism idea—the Gaia hypothesis—just a few decades ago.”

The Gaia hypothesis, pitched by James Lovelock, is largely bunk, but dimethylsulphide’s effect on the temperature is not. “In order for clouds to form, water has to transition from a gas to liquid—and to do that, it needs a small particle in the air to adhere onto, known as a cloud condensation nucleus. Sulfur aerosols, which are easily formed from DMS, do the trick,” says Waters.

Well, that’s one view about the notion of clouds as a response mechanism, I think Waters skipped a few thoughts from other prominent real scientists, but, hey, the lunatics are only a few decades behind, now. 

Shocking to find adaptation mechanisms.  Who would have thought?

h/t Climate Depot

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14 Responses to Shock News!!!! Scientists Discover Life Has Adaptation Mechanisms!!! :0

  1. DirkH says:

    So it’s the blasted corals making it all soggy here. Thanks a lot; can’t we just dump a tanker load of PCB on them?

  2. leftinbrooklyn says:

    ‘…coral can release a chemical, dimethylsulphoniopropionate (DMSP), that helps them engineer their environment and stave off global warming.’

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    This is work by AIMS in Townsville. They have been knocking the struts out from under the corals-are-all-going-to-diiiieeee meme for a long time. There’s a sort of informal competition with University of Queensland’s Prof Ove Hoegh-Guldberg who is a very excitable catastropharian, and of course John Cook who has a desk there as a Climate Communication Fellow (ho ho).

    One tiny difference between the UQ group and the JCU group is the JCU guys have their institute at the Great Barrier Reef, whereas UQ are ‘way down south in Brisbane. Could it be that the locals know better what really is happening?

  4. squid2112 says:

    You know, I find it rather interesting that typically these sorts of people are atheist and believe strongly in evolutionary theories. The surprise to me is that they are so surprised when they stumble upon cases of “adaptation”. I mean, really?… So difficult to believe that living things adapt? … and the beat goes on …

    • suyts says:

      Yes, it’s fascinating the duality and dichotomous beliefs they hold.

    • DirkH says:

      Well it’s their job and way of life. Lovelock invented the Gaia hypothesis, stating that the planet with its life forms is self regulating – yet became a hysterical alarmist when it was useful for his career. Now that he’s old and made his millions he says, everything’s cool.

      One could also call them professional hypocrites and liars. Like socialist millionaires Katy Perry and ex whatshisname – Russel Brandt or something. Same credibility.

    • Jim Masterson says:

      I used to argue on the evolutionary side. It surprised me to see individuals use superb logic defending evolution yet believe in AGW. There appears to be no crossover. Evolution is evolution and AGW is AGW. If you’re discussing evolution, then everything evolves and does so perfectly. If you’re discussing AGW, then nothing evolves and never could. It amazes me that they have a complete disconnect of the two theories.


  5. philjourdan says:

    Gee, how did life survive for half a billion (or more) years before man came along? Even when CO2 was in the thousands of PPM.

    • Bruce says:

      Those were natural thousands of ppm, which were OK. It is unnatural thousands of ppm caused by the Koch Brothers which are evil.

      • philjourdan says:

        And God (algore) in his almighty sits in judgement of CO2 molecules: “You are bad, you are damned to hell! But you are good, you are free to join me in heaven!”

    • suyts says:

      LOL!!! You might need a “sarc” tag for the Bruce!!! Lunatics will believe you!!

  6. cdquarles says:

    Old news, that is; except for the coral part. Yet I am not surprised. We know so very little about the rest of the biological world. Still all life alters its local environment to enhance its own survival. There is not chemical that a man can make that the rest of nature can’t nor is there no chemical that the rest of nature can make than man can’t.

    That said, we are as much a part of the biological world and as natural as the rest of it. Take back the word artificial. It means done by human art. That does not imply unnatural or toxic or whatever evil you want to apply to human art. Evil, though is inherent in human nature. In other words, apply evil to the intent of a moral actor or to the result of the acts; not to the tools used.

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