Europe Had Enough Of Renewable Stupidity? The Beginning Of The End? "Failed On All Accounts"!!!


Energy Bosses Call for End to Subsidies for Wind, Solar Power

BRUSSELS–The chief executives of 10 energy companies accounting for half of Europe’s electricity production capacity issued a joint call Friday to end subsidies to wind and solar power, saying the mechanisms have led to whopping bills for households and businesses and could cause continent-wide blackouts. ……

The informal group, which includes utilities such as Germany’s E.ON AG (EOAN.XE), France’s GDF Suez SA (GSZ.FR) and Italy’s Eni SpA (E), blamed the trend on policies introduced at the turn of the century, when most European governments sought to promote renewable energy.

The criticism from Europe’s commercial power producers isn’t new. The industry has long been critical of the continent’s shift to renewable energy because it threatens their core nuclear and coal-based power production. Europe’s economic woes, however, have sharpened the debate, as companies and private citizens alike complain about the rising cost of power…..

“We’ve failed on all accounts: Europe is threatened by a blackout like in New York few years ago, prices are shooting up higher, and our carbon emissions keep increasing,” said GDF Suez CEO Gerard Mestrallet ahead of the news conference……

Under the subsidy mechanisms, wind and solar power producers benefit from priority access to the grid and enjoy guaranteed prices. In France, for instance, even as wholesale prices hover around EUR40 ($54) a megawatt, windmill electricity goes at a minimum of EUR83 a megawatt, regardless of demand. The difference is charged to customers. ….

Members of the CEO group said the subsidy mechanisms became deeply flawed in 2008, when the financial crisis hit and many European countries descended into economic recession. Although demand for electricity stalled or fell in some countries, pushing down wholesale electricity prices, investors kept plowing money into new wind and solar power capacity thanks to the guaranteed tariffs for renewables.

Meanwhile, electricity prices continued rising. On average, after-tax power prices rose 17% for households and 21% for businesses in Europe over the past four years, according to Eurostat data. ….

“The importance of renewables has become a threat to the continent’s supply safety,” Colette Lewiner, an energy analyst at Capgemini consultancy, warned in a report released this week. “There could indeed be a blackout.”

Well, it isn’t like the Europeans weren’t told.  Imagine the horrid economy the US has.  Understand that it has been worse in Europe.  And, then realize the electricity rates continuing to rise while cheap energy providers had to shut down. 

The European embrace of renewables has been a triple hit to the people of Europe.  The renewable energy caused a further loss of jobs during the recession, raised prices on people who couldn’t afford it, and constrained Europe’s ability to grow out of the recession because of the cost of energy for the industries and businesses.  All of that to accomplish grid instability, and as people noted, the original aim, to reduce CO2 emissions, has failed miserably. 

Well played, alarmists, you lunatics. 

Every bit of that occurring was predicted by various skeptics. 

Unfortunately, the people profiting by this lunacy are many of the same people in positions of authority and power.  I fear that even a greater catastrophe has to occur before this lunacy ends. 

I pray that this winter will not be too harsh for our friends across the pond. 

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8 Responses to Europe Had Enough Of Renewable Stupidity? The Beginning Of The End? "Failed On All Accounts"!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    When the lights go out, the government does not get the blame, the power companies do. Self preservation.

  2. leftinbrooklyn says:

    ‘I pray that this winter will not be too harsh for our friends across the pond.’

    Naw, sometimes ‘harsh’ is exactly what’s needed. Lessons sink in more. See: Obamacare.

  3. DirkH says:

    Well the Eurocrats don’t care. They don’t get elected. Except for the MEP’s but they don’t make the decisions; they only have to rubberstamp them.

    At the moment the Eurocrats care about lowering our standard of living some more by prohibiting some devices in 30 different categories, from vacuums over fridges to graphics cards. Decisions, decisions! Life is not easy for an unelected philosopher-king like Herman Van Rompuy!

    • suyts says:

      That’s why I’m afraid that something catastrophic has to happen to wake the Europeans from their zombie like state. And, you’re right, the Eurocrats have added a layer of protection. So the Europeans have to realize that not only are the renewables harming them, but, it is their structure of governance which is using renewables as the instrument of the harm to the Europeans.

      • DirkH says:

        Police here is busy finding the teenagers who put EUSSR stickers on every lamppost.
        It’s a good way to avoid meeting dangerous criminals while working.

        Yesterday I mailed one state broadcaster, NDR, giving them a link to an exit program for leftist extremists offered by the German Verfassungsschutz (spooks – “Constitution protecters”). Because, I thought maybe some of them want to quit the scene.

        It’s all getting very unreal. Very DDR-like. Like a DDR with an economy.

      • suyts says:

        LOL, our police do the same thing! Real criminals are dangerous!!!

  4. B.C. says:

    I’m pulling for a Maunder Minimum-type of winter to put the screws to the EUnuchs and their EUtopian EUnicornian idiocy. When the Thames starts to freeze regularly again and the EUrotards are dying by the millions in their cold, dark houses and ghettos, I’ll be laughing my arse off as I’m enjoying a nice, relaxing campfire in my backyard and sipping on a nice, cold beer. Nothing will raise the ambient temperature of my heart cockles like masses of Leftardian Luddites Lords being hauled out of their Ivory Towers of Power and thrown onto the pyres of retribution by the serfs that they forced into abject poverty and misery.

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