The Devastating Effects Of Climate Change On The World’s Most Vulnerable

Over and over again, we hear about how “Climate Change” is adversely effecting the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. 

But, is that true?

In my estimation, especially in developing nations, a way to look and see how they’re doing is in crop production.  When you measure a nation’s crop production, you’re measuring many more things than just a bunch of farmers growing crops.  Consider all of the things necessary to even make crop production occur and measurable. 

Infrastructure, technology, stability, and even climate are factors which go towards crop production. 

FAOSTAT makes it easy for us.  They have the world divided up into “special” groups. which the nutters continually say will be the most harmed by climate change, to wit, Least Developed Nations.  Let’s have a look!


With the two on the bottom you can’t really tell, but, both of them actually had remarkable increases.  Let’s total this and see how our “Least Developed Nations” are doing in their ability to cope with all the devastation of climate change……


Uhmm, warmist nutters, any of you care to explain all of this?  Where’s our global disruption you all assured us was coming? 

Somehow, the LDNs have been able to overcome the imaginary climate disruptions and somehow manage to exponentially increase their crop production.  This also means that the weather didn’t bother the infrastructure so as to disrupt the food getting measured and communicated. 

Imagine what these nations could have done if we sent them real technology with capabilities to provide cheap and reliable energy sources instead of some stupid windmills?

Source is FAOSTAT

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9 Responses to The Devastating Effects Of Climate Change On The World’s Most Vulnerable

  1. suyts says:

    I think I’ll keep this handy. It’s simple, but, entirely devastating to the lunatic meme.

  2. tom0mason says:

    We need to get more leftards out to help in those less developed nations.

    The treenuts and lemons are not thriving.


  3. philjourdan says:

    Liberal rule #1 – Always accuse the opposition of what you are doing.

    Their policies would devastate the 3rd world due to soaring energy costs, so they have to use that meme to demonize the opposition.

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