Socialists’ Universal Stubbornness

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In spite of a indications that a 75% income tax on French millionaires may not work to gain revenue for France, and indeed has caused the rich to flee France, president, François Hollande has stubbornly insisted that it will happen. 

Footballers, or, soccer players, as they should be universally called, are not happy.

The only reason I bring this up, other than I like laughing at socialists and France, is that this stubbornness is remarkably similar to the stubbornness our own socialist displays. 

France had hundreds of their millionaires up and move out of country.  No one, as far as I can tell, is particularly fond of the notion, and many realize this tax will result in a loss of revenue for France.  But, Hollande wants the tax and so he bitterly clings to the notion.

Now, observe Barry Zero.  After Oct 1, the American public was exposed to the fact that Zerocare wasn’t ready.  Not only are the laws arbitrarily enforced, with half of the mandates already delayed, but, the darned website, the place where we were supposed to buy the inflated insurance doesn’t work!  For two weeks Repubs passed bills to defund, delay, and tweak the Zerocare law into something a little better for the American public.  Zero refused to even consider any and all attempts to protect the American public from this disaster. 

Still, Zero bitterly clung to this fiasco.  Why?  Because these stompy feet children were lied to and they lack the intellect to understand that these sort of failures have happened over and over again in recent history. 

Before we get to a point of nitpicking, we can all acknowledge that some slight amounts of “socialism” is necessary.  That is to say, revenue sharing in the form of some tax or another in order to run a government and provide for the common defense and the other requirements of good governance is necessary.  But, that’s little socialism, not the big Socialism I’m referring to. 

But, to what those two idiots picture above are trying to accomplish is nothing short of actually providing incentives for people not to succeed.  They’re rather define down their society than to allow the successful an opportunity to succeed, and if they dare find a way around the roadblocks to success, both idiots promise to punish them for their efforts.  Over and over again, all around the world this has been tried in pursuit of a social utopia.  All attempts have failed.  Indeed, we see some of history’s most ardent defenders of such a notion running as fast as they can from such a notion. 

Look at Russia, look at China.  They’re running headlong in the opposite direction!  What a crazy world we live in when the rest of the world fails to understand the lessons to be learned here.  Both had horribly murderous campaign to institute and keep their Socialist ideas in power.  Millions died by their hands.  Millions more were subject to abject poverty, hardship and cruelty.  And, yet, look at those two imbeciles above.  Bitterly clinging to a tired and old failed notion. 


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17 Responses to Socialists’ Universal Stubbornness

  1. philjourdan says:

    Not socialist, that is just plain old french stupidity.

    • DirkH says:

      The French are not all alike. There’s a huge part with government jobs, they love bureaucracy in all its forms, and the unions who want to have utopia legislated into place.

      Then there are the engineers and other private sector workers and entrepreneurs whose life is made miserable by the others…

      (Les Shadoks, a 70ies French cartoon which created great controvery for its acerbic approach to French Big Government schemes. Ironically this episode foretells the schemes of the warmists in a way.)

  2. Me says:

    Russia and China now realise that they can capitalize off the sucesses of the ways of the western world, and it is easy when they have their way or the highway rule there. As greenpiss found out! LMAO!

  3. David A says:

    [edited by Admin]
    James has been forced to deal with a stalker and spammer of this site.
    David, I’m not moderating all comments, just yours.

    You may return to unmoderated commenting when you acknowledge the inappropriateness of your last visit. And several of your others. You can read here explaining this.

    David, if you wish to freely comment here, simply give me your word you’ll stop posting strangers addresses and phone numbers, and you’ll quit spamming and you’ll not fill my screen with blasphemous screeches. My blog will not be used in such a manner.

    • suyts says:

      Again, if you’d like to freely comment again, just send a comment, it’ll go to my spam folder, but, I’ll read it eventually.

    • philjourdan says:

      Oh goody! He never will. Imbeciles never learn.

      Besides, you gain nothing by his childish tantrums. He gains exposure to his web site and himself.

      • suyts says:

        I don’t know, Phil. I think we gain by exposing the shallowness of leftist thought by allowing it. I don’t mind that part. I just can’t abide by his stalking and whatnot.

        • leftinbrooklyn says:

          Just make him use an alias. 🙂

        • philjourdan says:

          You highlight stories every day showing the shallowness of leftist thought. You do not need a pet viper to do that. He is desperate for relevance as is demonstrated by his running around blogs trying to drum up traffic to his own site.

          Dr. Curry, no grand marshall of censorship, finally had enough of his antics (you should see the antics of some of her regulars – you really have to go far afield to gain her ire), and put him on permanent moderation. He does not dare go to any other Skeptic site as he would be banned inside of a day. You were the only one to indulge him. That is noble of you, but, IMHO, gained you nothing.

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