Leftards — Even Arithmetic Is Hard For Them



Remember all of those evil Repub states that didn’t expand their Medicaid?  They were so evil and cruel.  ……..  Or, maybe they understood something leftards didn’t. Maybe something like, if you expand Medicaid, then everyone will sign up for it, making the cost of maintaining the state program untenable.  And, that the more expansion of Medicaid the less you’d have in the pool to finance Zerocare. 

Well, guess what!

CBS News has confirmed that in Washington, of the more than 35,000 people newly enrolled, 87 percent signed up for Medicaid. In Kentucky, out of 26,000 new enrollments, 82 percent are in Medicaid. And in New York, of 37,000 enrollments, Medicaid accounts for 64 percent. And there are similar stories across the country in nearly half of the states that run their own exchanges.

And now, we also see this,

So far, just 226 people have enrolled for private health insurance. At the same time, 25,000 Coloradans will be newly eligible for Medicaid benefits in January.

And, there also this ….

In Maryland, 82,473 of the 84,866 β€œnew” enrollees came from the Medicaid expansion. In Oregon, 56,000 have signed up for the Medicaid expansion, and zero have bought private insurance through the exchanges.

455+468+1332+226+2393=4874  That’s how many more people are paying into the state exchanges, out of a total of 264,000 in these 6 examples alone. 

When the law passed, 2020 sounded like it was so far away in the future, that none of the lefist states paid attention.  It’s only 6 years and a couple months away.  But, we’re not going to make it to 6 years before the feds realize they can’t pay for this expansion.  And, then, neither will the states. 

But, the news gets worse.  As has been stated, over and over and over again, the success of Zerocare is entirely dependent upon young healthy people signing up for Zerocare.  Younger people tend to be poorer than older.  With the expansion of Medicaid, the healthy young adults are signing up for the free stuff, and almost no one is signing up to actually pay into the insurance system.  

Noting that the US is already $17 trillion in debt, where’s the money going to come from?  Zerocare is poised to collapse the entire healthcare system of the US.   

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46 Responses to Leftards — Even Arithmetic Is Hard For Them

  1. Foods That Make Salt Taste Better (aka, Amino Acids in Meteorites) says:


    You putting up a NFL post? This weekend?

  2. kim2ooo says:

    Wasn’t that the plan in the first place?

    What better way to force us into a single payer system?

  3. Anything is possible says:

    “Who would come back to play for the Rams?!?!”


    Vinny Testaverde is waiting for his phone to ring……

  4. DirkH says:

    QQLGBTQQ movement now experts on the Bible.
    Rev Sharon Ferguson, a spokesperson for the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, said: “I’m not quite sure how that’s art. My view is that we believe that all sexuality is a gift from God. It’s about what you do with it and how we use it is an expression of our love for God. For my imagining in sex as an art form, I don’t think this falls into that category. My issue is around is this the right expression of someone’s bodily sexuality? As an art project in front of an audience, where is the love, respect and mutuality in that?”

    I think this proves that Satan is the ruler of the material world and that the endtime is near.

  5. philjourdan says:

    That price tag of $3.7 trillion is going to look like a bargain when then fiasco plays out.

  6. Foods That Make Salt Taste Better (aka, Amino Acids in Meteorites) says:

    we’re seein gif Mizzou is for real now

  7. Foods That Make Salt Taste Better (aka, Amino Acids in Meteorites) says:

    Mizzou pissed away the clock, passed on going for a field goal at the end, opted for over time—bad move–S Car is hot.

    • suyts says:

      It’s difficult to beat stupid, when stupid is on your own team.

      • Foods That Make Salt Taste Better (aka, Amino Acids in Meteorites) says:

        They had a legitimate shot at the big one. But giving up 17 in the 4th told on them.

        Ohio St is the best team that I’ve seen in my life time that will not get into the National Championship. They need two miracles to get into that game. Two teams ahead of them have to lose. Not gun hapn.

      • suyts says:

        It’s funny, it is very possible to have 3 bowl games of undefeated teams.

        • Foods That Make Salt Taste Better (aka, Amino Acids in Meteorites) says:

          I had thought that Alabama and Oregon control their destiny. But I don’t think that now. I think it’s now Alabama and Florida St. I’m beginning to entertain the idea that Florida St. can beat Alabama. (But I think Ohio St. can beat them both.)

        • philjourdan says:

          I think Oregon is the most vulnerable – no defense. Alabama is solid. But on any given Saturday…

          Florida State does not impress me. Neither does Ohio State. But they will be on the edges waiting for one of the top 2 to lose.

        • suyts says:

          Yeh, FSU got a couple votes for #1 ….. Baylor didn’t hurt themselves. Oregon can with some impressive wins move back to the #2 spot uncontested …. it will be interesting.

        • Foods That Make Salt Taste Better (aka, Amino Acids in Meteorites) says:

          Even if Oregon beats stanford I dont think it will be enough because Fl. St. just might clean Maimi’s clock. It’s al over then.

          …..poor Ohio St!

        • suyts says:

          It comes down to who can run up the score the most.

        • philjourdan says:

          Oregon – that is all they can do.

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