And Now A Word From The Left Coast — Just Say NO TO CAR WASHES!!!!!



Students banned from washing cars to raise money for school groups

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 26 (UPI) — Students in San Jose, Calif., can no longer hold car washes to raise for money for school events because city officials say they endanger the environment.

Cheerleaders at Lincoln High School had to cancel a scheduled Oct. 20 car wash after a visit from the city’s Environmental Services Department, the San Jose Mercury News reported Friday.

“Anything that is not storm water or rain water is considered a pollutant,” said Jennie Loft, the department’s acting communications manager. “If it goes into a storm drain, that pollutant will harm wildlife and habitats in the creeks.”

Loft said school groups could still hold car washes if they were conducted under certain conditions. Those include washing vehicles over grassy or gravel areas, ensuring wash water doesn’t go into the street, gutter or storm drain and leaving no soap stains on the ground.

Uhmm ……..  Right, because rain water runoff into the drains is entirely pure ….. something. 

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9 Responses to And Now A Word From The Left Coast — Just Say NO TO CAR WASHES!!!!!

  1. tom0mason says:

    It California – enough said?

  2. Me says:

    They are f#@K in the head, and deserved what they get, It’s the same as the bunch in BC up here, they are self rightious SOB’s. They think their shit don’t stink kinda of attitude is what i’m talking about. And don’t get me wrong the same is going on in the big city right coast too.

  3. the picture is getting clearer; socialist will control on which leg to get out of bed in the morning, that’s what communism is. They find reason for everything, to make people’s life miserable

  4. DERise says:

    I worked out in San Diego a couple of years ago. They couldn’t wash the bird & sea lion sh*t (of which there was a bounty) off the piers. The only time the piers were cleaned was when it rained really hard. And the condensate from the air conditioning coils had to be collected to prevent it from getting into the harbor.

  5. philjourdan says:

    It really has nothing to do with pollution. The ugly environmentalist do not want pretty ladies washing cars and getting wet T-Shirts.

  6. Swithunus says:

    Can we not find a nice island (as big as required) on which he can house all the ecotards? They can all live in yurts, eat lentils for every meal, all sit every frigging evening around a campfire with their didgerydildoes and pan pipes singing folk songs. No electricity. no health care, basically back to golden-eco-times…

    I don’t want to live like that, but if you do…go screw yourself over live the dream without me.

    Their insistence that I join in makes me suspicious that they’re just lookin for power, to force me to live that way while they supervise from their centrally heated castle.


    damn them for reducing the number of wet t-shirts on young lovelies

    • philjourdan says:

      Greenland appears to fit their bill. Cool, so they will not over heat, and they can relearn the art of farming through permafrost.

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