Alarmists Seek To Advantage Human Tragedy And Suffering Again …… Attack New Fire-Fighting Australian PM!


Well, those super sciency alarmist ecotards are at it again.  There’s no amount of human suffering they won’t try to exploit for their religious ideology. 

Climate Council finds ‘clear link’ between bushfires and climate change

LOL!!!  Yes, the “clear link”. 

So, if you read this story, you’ll see some things, and some other things you won’t see.  Here’s one of the things I saw …..

The Climate Council comprises an independent group of scientists and businesspeople established from the ashes of the Climate Commission, which was abolished by the government in September.

Oh!!!  Goody!!!  Some science to look at!!!  The Guardian article provides a link to what eventually gives you this.

Bushfires and Climate Change in Australia – The Facts

Reading through the story and the above link, is where I didn’t see something……. DATA!  Or links to data, or any reference to where I could find the supporting data for their assertions!  They say this …… “Southeast Australia is experiencing a long-term drying trend. More intense and frequent hot weather, as well as dry conditions, increases the likelihood of extreme fire weather days..”

Wait, what?  Global climate change has decided to attack less than a percent of the globe?  Really?  Because there is no increase in wildfires in areas of the globe where I could find data.  Indeed, it seems most of North America seems immune to global climate change while global climate change decides to attack a part of a smaller continent!  Is there nothing climate change can’t do?  I mean here it is fact-free assertions by sciency people attacking a small part of the globe while leaving larger parts of the globe alone? 

Does climate change now mean normal variations of weather?

Super sciency guy, Al Gore even decided to exploit Australian suffering.  And we all know how smart Al “million degrees” Gore is! 

These people are scumbags.  Rather than taking a cue to literally act from Australia’s leader and do something about the fires, if they were so damned concerned, they’d rather sit back and bitch and scream absurdities about the fires and obscenities to anyone else who may disagree with them. 

Mr. Abbott has shown the way.  If you want to do something about the fires, suit up and do something.  If not, then shut up and let those people deal with the fires the best way they know how.  Then you can tell them how wrong they were once they got done. 


Lastly, any bets as to why, a first world advanced nation with much of their population obsesses with climate change won’t readily make available the frequency of the events of brush fires?  Or area burnt?  Or policy decisions made with a more direct impact on wild fires than a coal plant firing up?  Wouldn’t they show this stuff it it backed up their posits?

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11 Responses to Alarmists Seek To Advantage Human Tragedy And Suffering Again …… Attack New Fire-Fighting Australian PM!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Jo Nova scooped you again:

    It is not climate change. It is the fact they have had TOO much rain, which has caused understory to grow and die (the life cycle of plants) and since they are not allowed to clear it, it makes the fires worse.

    Oz has the same problem we do. They have their own Algore and Mikey Mann

    • suyts says:

      LOL, no shame in Jo scooping me. She’s great! OTOH, I think I’ve presented a different perspective. That is, we read and hear all of these assertions about the fires in Australia, but, we never see any data. Surely, someone is keeping track.

      • philjourdan says:

        Scoop was a bad term. But she does provide a lot of the documentation and backstory you are searching for.

        I realize your time is limited given you are the author of the articles, but I do read her regularly, so I will provide links when I see her basically complementing your articles.

      • suyts says:

        By all means, please do. Yes, I love it when there are complimentary posts by others.

  2. if carbon tax prevents big bushfires, Australians are still paying carbon tax; how come those bush infernos in Australia?

  3. Bruce says:

    The Climate Commission was abolished by the new government. They then went on a funding drive, raised some money, and reincarnated as the Climate Council.

    Two of the principal luminaries in the Climate Council are the infamous Tim Flannery, who opines that Gaia will actually manifest, and Will Steffen, who wants scientists like him to rule the world.

    These are the guys who comprise the “independent group of scientists” in the Climate Council.

    I could fisk the rest of the council members, they as I recall have similar demeanors.

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